National Institute of Open Schooling Senior Secondary Exam-Word Processing (327) Papers


With the advancements in the field of technology there have been many devices that have been invented so far. From the most primitive ones like the abacus to the palmtops in these recent years, the world has come so far. Thus the various manual processes have also been substituted by the computerised ones. Gone are the days of the writers and the word processors have now taken their place. The paper test the skills of the candidates taking the examination in the field of the various devices that act as word processors and the different  software that are used to run them efficiently.

Importance of the paper

The study of word processors involves a comprehensive study about the computers and their various parts a swell. Thus there are a lot of questions in the question paper concerning the various aspects of the computer system. It also tests the candidates on their basis of understanding of the modern advancements taking place in the world of computers and software.


The paper consists of six questions in all. The first one is the fill in the blanks. The second one is the multiple choice questions and four options are given. The candidate needs to pick one of the given options which he feels is the right answer. Then there are subjective questions concerning the definitions of the various kinds of computers, software and etc.

Paper pattern

The paper covers most of the general things about the computers and the bulk of the subjective questions are asked on the topic of the word processors.


There is no negative marking.  The marks for each question are indicated in the brackets against them. The students are marked according to their answers written.

Some questions from the question paper

The questions that most frequently feature in the question paper are

1. The first mechanical device built in 1823 was called………..

2. RAM is an example of ……….memory.

3. The ALU and the ……………. Of a computer system are jointly known as the

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

4. ……………..memory is used to store programs or data currently being executed.

5. (a) Define the following briefly:

(I) Minicomputer

(ii) Read only Memory (ROM)

(iii) Input and output devices

(iv) Network neighborhood

(v) Scanner

Time allotted: 2 hours

Recommended books

The most popular books are Keyboarding and word processing by cengage learning and Word processing also by cengage learning.

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