National Institute of Open Schooling Senior SecondaryExam-Biology (314) Papers


The biology paper is one of the main subjects of the science paper; it is an important paper as it is a scoring subject for the students. It is included in the curriculum to make students well aware of the general biology and various biological terms.

Importance of this paper:

Biology is a very important paper for the prospective doctors. Students have to start learning the terms and be aware of the all the biological activities from the very beginning to become a successful doctor. Not only MBBS but also engineering sectors such as the Bio-Tech stream is open for such candidates.

Paper Pattern:

The complete question paper comprises of two sections namely, section A and B, from section A all questions are to be answered and from the second section students have their own choices as to what questions to be attempted. There is more than one option in section B. the marks for all the questions are given in brackets.

Frequently asked questions:

Mitochondria, ribosome, nuclear membranes, germination and the different condition for germination, nervous system and its functioning, Mendel’s law of inheritance, some international agencies engaged in the protection of wildlife and their habitat, vegetation that characterize desert biome, various types of floral and faunal species, food chain and its role in the equilibrium process, effects of smog on plants, function of endoplasmic reticulum, examples of toxoid vaccines, difference between adventitious and tap root system, exarch xylem and endarch xylem, unambiguity of genetic coding,  initial acceptor of  CO2 for photosynthesis in C4 plants.

Time and marks:

80 is the maximum mark set for the paper and a total of 3 hours is given to the students.

Recommended books:

  • Modern Biology by J. Dutta
  • Systems Biology K. Komepatra
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