National Institute of Open Schooling Senior SecondaryExam-Physics (312) Papers


It is included as per the NIOS syllabus so as to enhance the problem solving abilities and because it is a must for further studies. NIOS Physics Paper is an attempt to make students good in physics.

Importance of paper:

Physics is very important for further studies in any of the streams of engineering. Today physics and math are interlinked in so many ways that for the study of one the knowledge of the other is a pre-requisite. The applications of physics are immense.

Paper Pattern:

The paper is divided into two sections: section A and section B. Section A is a must for the students.     Section B has more than one question and it has got options but students have to answer only one from this section. The paper covers the entire syllabus in a very strategic manner and is very scoring. The first section carries 85 marks while section B carries 15 marks.

Frequently asked questions:

Thermodynamics open and closed systems, factors responsible for the phenomenon of dispersion of light rays by a glass prism, intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor, length of simple pendulum, is time period and problems relating to the simple harmonic motion related to the pendulum, heat and work, concept of heat transfer between bodies at different temperatures, the zeroth law of thermodynamics and its applications, coherent and non- coherent sources of light, energy level diagram showing emissions of various spectral series of hydrogen atom, logic gates and their realizations using Boolean algebra.

Time and marks:

The full marks awarded for the exam is 80 and students are given a maximum of 3 hours for the paper.

Recommended books:

  • Fundamentals of physics, H. C. Verma
  • Physics by Irido
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    1.suggest four ways by which you will seek support from the local authorities/panchayat ?
    2. suggest eight activities to your nighbours to promote the concept ?

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    bhumika surti:

    i m searching for last 5 years solved question papers PCM but failed to find them… can i have those last 5 years solved question papers for physics chemistry and maths???? please help me out i m having my exams on 10th oct…

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    what is the magnetic field at the end edge of infinite length solenoid? give its verification.

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    Chanchal Kumar Saha:

    How shall I get solved papers (english, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and computer science) of previous years for sr.scecondary under NIOS.