National Institute of Open Schooling Senior Secondary Exam-Math(311) Papers


The Mathematics paper is one of the important papers in the senior secondary exams. It is included as per the NIOS syllabus so as to enhance the calculation abilities and because it is a must for further studies. NIOS mathematics paper is an attempt to make students good in math.

Importance of the Paper:

The paper is a very important one because good marks in mathematics are considered a pre-requisite for eligibility of students for their admission in various science colleges. Also math is the fundamental subject for higher studies in any of the streams.


The paper is divided into two sections: section A and section B. Section A is a must for the students.     Section B has more than one question and it has got options but students have to answer only one from this section. The paper covers the entire syllabus in a very strategic manner and is very scoring. The first section carries 85 marks while section B carries 15 marks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Circles, straight lines, parabola, focus of a hyperbola, and questions from the eccentricity of ellipse, parabola and hyperbola, Conjugate complex number, probability distribution function and mean, median, binomial expansion, complex numbers, distance between two complex points on the argent plane, matrices and determinant, rank of a matrix, diagonal matrix, properties of determinants, solutions of variables using determinants.

Time and marks:

The paper is of 100 marks and the maximum time available to the students is 3 hours.

Recommended books:

  • Modern mathematics by Prakash publication
  • Fundamentals of mathematics by Judega
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