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QAI Global Institute offers virtual online courses in areas like Functional Testing Foundation, Testing for SOA Web Services and Program on Agile Quality. The highlight of these courses are that there will be a live mentor to solve all queries of the students, students work book and formal online examination. It also offers online courses in areas like Project Management, Software Quality Management, Business Process Outsourcing, Software Testing, CMMI etc.

Virtual online courses

Functional Testing Foundation, Testing for SOA Web Services and Program on Agile Quality are virtual online courses offered by QAI.  The courses have been designed by field experts and practitioners. Assignments and quizzes will be part of the training program. There will be live mentor to guide the students. So like normal class students will be able clear all their doubts.

Functional Testing Foundation

The duration of the Functional Testing Foundation course is 46 hours. The course mainly covers areas related to software testing. Importance of quality assurance, test planning, test requirements, test designing, defect management are some of the areas covered in the course. Program managers, test managers, quality leads, test leads, test engineers, test analysts are eligible to apply.

Testing for SOA Web Services

The total duration of the course is 58 hours. Areas covered in the course are principles and benefits of SOA, understanding XML concepts, exploring different test strategies for SOA based applications etc. Candidates who donot have experience in SOA services but are currently employed as quality leads, test engineers, program managers, test analysts, test managers can apply.

Program on Agile Quality

The course duration is 52 hours. Principles of Agile Methodology, Agile Automation, Agile quality and risk management, Strategy management, Project Management are areas covered in the course. The target audience for the course are Test Analysts, Test Managers, QA Engineers and Software Developers. Other than this all those working in Agile related projects can apply.

Other than the virtual online courses QAI also offers online courses in the areas mentioned below.

  • Software Configuration Management
  • Software Project Management
  • Project Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Software Estimation
  • Software Engineering
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Software Testing
  • CMMI®
  • Software Quality Management
  • Software Process Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Quality & Process Improvement

The course material will be made available online. There will be assignment which will have to be mailed to the guide at mentioned timelines. Candidates working in software field can apply for these courses. For Innovation Management course anyone over 12 years of age can apply. On completion of the course the candidates will receive a completion certificate from QAI.



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