Scope after B.Sc Nautical Science


A career in the merchant navy can be interesting as well as challenging at the same time. In addition to long voyages to beautiful places, individuals will get the opportunity to get good salaries and promotional opportunities. More on the scope at hand for aspirants who have finished their Graduate degree in nautical science is given below.

Scope for Higher Studies after B.Sc Nautical Science

Those who are interested to pursue their higher education in this field can go for the advanced level course in nautical science, namely the M.Sc in Nautical science course.

Other Certification Courses in Nautical Science

The certification courses that is available in Nautical Sciences are

  • Diploma in Nautical Science
  • Advanced Diploma in Nautical Sciences
  • Deck Department Diploma in Nautical Science

Phase I:

This course has an approval from the Director General of Shipping, Government of India. To obtain this certification one will have to go through a training period of 12 months. Here, aspirants shall get practical training in addition to familiarity with a variety of aspects that encompass Carpentry, Machine Shop, Electrical shop and Plumbing etc. Those who are interested in seafaring will require an additional STCW course. Upon the successful accomplishment of this program, aspirants will be awarded the Diploma in Nautical Science by the prestigious Indian Maritime University (IMU).

Phase II:

Upon the achievement of the pre-sea training, aspirants shall require to go through the sea phase training that has a period of 18 months. Alongside this, it will also be needed for one to take a correspondence course with the IMU. At the completion of this second phase, aspirants shall be given the Advance Diploma in Nautical Science.

Phase III:

After getting the Advance Diploma in Nautical Science, candidates are needed to go through a mandatory 4 months post-sea training with any institution in India. With the successful accomplishment of the training as well as the written examination, candidates will be given the Certificate of Competency. This shall be awarded to the candidate by the Director General of Shipping.

Career Opportunities after B.Sc Nautical Science

The job opportunities that are available for aspirants who have finished their education in the field of nautical science are many. It is possible for individuals to get employed as:

  • Captain
  • Deck Officer
  • Marine Engineer
  • Oceanographer
  • Radio Officer
  • Scuba Diver

Subsequent to the completion of the B.Sc. (Nautical Science) degree, it is possible for one to get a variety of on shore jobs. Subsequent to the obtaining of the certificate of competency - Master (FG), a person can find suitable job openings with firms of the public or private sectors. They can get jobs as:

  • Ship Manager or Marine Superintendent
  • Nautical Surveyors
  • Teacher with any Maritime Training Institute
  • Pilot with Port Trust

With more experience as well as qualification, one will get promoted to higher designations during the course of the time.



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    cadet amol Satpute:

    sir i bv completeed my 18 months sailing & 4 months mate course also bt 2 mate is nt clear nw i m jb less plz teach me way cm i do.

  6. 28
    cadet amol Satpute:

    sir i bv completeed my 18 months sailing & 4 months mate course also bt 2 mate is nt clear nw i m jb less plz teach me way cm i do.

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    vikash kumar:

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    Salman subki:

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