UPSC Mains Geography (Paper II) Papers


Geography paper II contains 8 questions out of which only 5 questions of 60 marks each are to be answered by the candidates. The question paper is divided into two Sections, Section A and Section B. Each Section contains 4 questions. Candidates have to answer questions 1 and 5 as there are compulsory and they have to select three other questions from rest of the paper selecting at least 1 question each from section A and Section B.

For question 1 candidates are provided with an outline map of India. In this outline map they have to mark the location of any 15 from the list provided. For every correct entry one mark is given to the candidate. Candidates also have to write the geographical significance or importance of those locations. Candidates must not exceed 30 words for these answers. A further of 3 marks are also allotted for these write ups. In question 5 there are 4 questions out of which three are to be answered in not more than 200 words. Each question carries 20 marks.

Below there are few of the links of previous years geography papers. They will help you to understand the paper pattern more clearly.

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    Please send me civil services main question papers 2011 .My optional subjects is Geography,Public administration,add Indian language -Bengali.I am preparing for ics 2012

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    ankit kumar soni:

    i have completd my b.a, from v .b.s. u. in geography&english
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    sir how can i get the previous questions paper of georgraphy main exam for himachal pradesh admin.service

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    sir, i have a small doubt about mains syllabus in Telugu subject ,

    i cannot understand that syllabus , can u please give me info about which books refer to read that syllabus