C.I.S Examination (LIFE & NON-LIFE) Practice of Life Assurance Papers


Paper of CIS examination consists of questions based on the practise of Life Insurance. The paper is for the Job in the sector of Insurance Companies which is held to conduct a healthy examination for each insurance company.

Importance of the paper:

Paper is very important as the study is based on the content of examination paper and it will further increase the skills of candidates. The paper is also valuable and gives a promotion to the candidates succeeding in the final results.

Paper Pattern:

Paper of CIS examination (LIFE & NON-LIFE) consists of 10 questions in it, thee questions are of subjective kind and from these 10 questions only 8 are needed to be attempted. Questions are divided into sub-questions and each are of equal marks. The paper contains questions of equal marks except of question no.1 which is of short notes. There is no negative marking, so students are suggested to attempt all the questions.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions in the paper are such as Necessity of term Assurance Plans, Importance of meeting Gratuity Liability, Rider Benefits, Importance of Prospectus in Life Insurance Business, immediate and deferred annuity, GSLI and SSS, days of grace and claim concession, facts of common knowledge need not to be disclosed, 1st premium receipt is the evidence of commencement of risk, special report on sum assured, assignment of life policy, important provisions regarding issue of duplicate policy, various options available to a policy holder in respect of his lapsed policy, definition of foreclosure etc.

Marks and time:

Total marks which can be scored in the paper are 100 and time given to solve the paper is 3 hours only.

Recommended Books:

  • Insurance Salesmanship by Insurance Institute of India
  • Asset Management by Insurance Institute of India
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