Cochin University B. Tech in Computer Science Engineering 6th Sem Computer Graphics Papers


Paper of Computer Graphics is a compulsory paper which is an important paper for mechanical and civil engineer. In computer science department, computer graphics is needed to finish many works in present time. Some examples of the computer graphics are designing, 3D imaging etc.

Why This paper is Important?

Paper of Computer graphics is playing an important role in present time and presentation, CAD, 3D imaging are some works which completely depends on the computer graphics. Students who will have a great knowledge in the field will earn handsome money.

Overview of the paper

Paper of Computer graphics contains questions of subjective type and there are total of 5 questions. Every question is equipped with its internal alternative to choose. Questions asked divided into different sub-questions for the ease of students. There are questions which are of short notes type.

Questions which are generally seen in the paper

Questions asked in the paper are such as edge list algorithm for scan converting polygon, fundamentals of vector graphics, various coordinate system in 3d viewing, basics of transformations, B-splines which are useful for surface design, short notes on windowing, combined 3d transformations, polygon clipping, rotation & translation, definition of projection, d-transformation matrices for scaling, simple DDA algorithm, Display file segmentation, Bresenham’s circle generation algorithm, various types of perspective projections, design of graphic package etc.

How much time and marks are allotted for this paper?

Total marks which can be scored in the paper are 100 and time allotted to score these marks is 3 hours only.

Books which are referred

  • Computer Graphics, C Version by Hearn
  • Computer graphics by James D. Fole

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