Cochin University B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering 6th Sem.-Instrumentation and Control Systems Papers


This paper deals with the proper use and handling of some very important instruments and tools used in the various engineering’s such as mechanical and civil. The students get a fair idea of the pros and cons of various types of instruments and devices used in the technological operations.

Importance of the paper:

Some devices used in the engineering applications are also harmful and dangerous and therefore should be handled with due care and safety. This paper teaches the students various safety precautions to be taken while handling different types of instruments and also teaches the proper way to work in a definite control system.

Paper Pattern:

The Paper’s pattern is simple and includes a total of five questions and each question contains an alternative option. The questions are normally short answer type and cover the whole syllabus.  Each question is allotted equal marks in the paper.  Also there are some questions which contain one or two subgroups and every subgroup hold different marks.

Frequently asked questions:

Electronic Computers/Data-Processing Equipment and Programmable Logic Controllers, Communication Systems, including TV, Paging, and Energy-Management Systems, Fiber Optic Cables and Cable Assemblies, Ionization-type vacuum gauge,  NEC Class 1, 2, and 3 Remote-Control, Signaling, and Power-Limited Circuits. Electrical instrumentation and control circuitry with adequate isolation at its interface, critical interlock signals, standard ampere rating of the line-side overcurrent protective device, particular attention to the inductance of the circuit in the proper application of relays and PSIs, redundant controls and instrumentation on sections of a system, clear indication of the status of hazardous remote-controlled equipment, with positive feedback for each specific command.

Time and marks:

The paper is of 3 hours and the full marks for the paper are 100.

Recommended books:

  • Instrumentation and Control system, PPPL
  • Instrumentation Engineering, NaginPublications
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