Difference between Cosmetology and Dermatology


Cosmetology is the study of practical beauty treatments, which include hairstyles, hairdressing, shampoos, skin care specialist and nail treatments etc. ‘Cosmetology’ is referred as ‘the study of skin, hair and nails. Dermatology is part of medicine which deals with the formation and physiological operations of skin and skin related issues. A dermatologist helps to find the causes and cure of different skin diseases, with have both medical and surgical facet. It also involves various methods of diagnosing, treating, and protecting skin from external and internal impacts.


Cosmetology is the study of beauty treatments which have practical applicability. A cosmetologist is the person who is capable of performing manicures, hair cutting and styling, shampooing, makeup and other grooming services. Cosmetologists can also specialize in specific areas like hairstyle, manicure, nail technician, pedicure, make-up artist etc.


Dermatology is a division of medical science which involves the study of skin related illness, its structure and functions. The skin is the main organ of the body and surely the most visible. A person who practices dermatology is called a dermatologist. A dermatologist is required to have working experience of basic surgery, rheumatology, neurology, and endocrinology. Today, Dermatology is becoming one of the best fields in cosmetic surgery and also in India, it is aggressively coming up in the field of Medical science.

Key differentiators between Cosmetology and Dermatology

One main differences between Cosmetology and Dermatology is that, dermatology is a division of medicine which include the study of skin and related issues, prescribes skin medicine and even conduct surgery if needed. It is an actual science. A dermatologist is a certified doctor who can offer services to the public.  They can work in government hospitals, private hospitals or even start up clinics for private practice. Cosmetology is the study of different treatments and procedures used to enhance ones physical features like hair, nails, skin etc. Cosmetologist offers different treatment like chemical peels, Botox, laser treatment, wrinkle removing and other variety of treatments. Dermatology and cosmetology are two entirely different streams which deals with human skin and related issue.



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    can i study dermatology if i have a advance diploma in hairdressing?