Aspect of cosmetic technology course in modernization of the society


Cosmetic technology is the study and application of beauty procedures to the human face and body. Cosmetic technology course has brought a revolution in the society. Many people go under the knife, as they want to look better. Everyone wants to look their best, in today’s world. As the famous saying goes” beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, beauty treatments have arrived in a big way in our country. There are many reasons for the modernization of the society. Primary among them is the cosmetology course. It allows men and women to look good, even in their old ages.

Cosmetology is the field for those who have an eye for beauty and enjoy working and interacting with others. We see now, that professionalism has increased among men and women, and with cut-throat competition, everyone wants to look their best. In today’s world, the need to look and feel better has increased. This has also increased the need for health and beauty products for all age groups in the market. Beauty care and treatment has now turned into an excellent career option for men and women.

Broadly speaking, cosmetology involves everything from beauty therapy to health care. There is a range of equipments and treatments available for hair, skin, face and body.

Eligibility to become a Cosmetologist

There are two types of Cosmetologists. One is the medical Cosmetologist, and the other is the non –medical one. Medical professionals who are Cosmetologists are basically post graduates in medicine. They are usually MD/DNB after their MBBS. But a non-medical Cosmetologist does not require any such qualification.

Diploma and certifications are available for those people who want to become a trained beautician.  These courses have different variations in duration, which depend according to the institute.

Personal skills

The Cosmetologist must have good aesthetics, creative mind and a general liking for people. Knowledge of many languages can be an added advantage. He/she should also keep themselves well informed about the various techniques and treatments which are available in the market.

Cosmetology has a wide variety of areas in which one can specialize in. The most common ones are hair styling, manicure, pedicure and electrolysis. In order to be successful a Cosmetologist must be able to mix professionalism and technical skills with creativity and imagination. So, in short we see that cosmetology courses change the outlook of a person. It makes a person more efficient and capable. This is because a well groomed personality will be able to perform and excel well, in whichever field he chooses.



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