Fee structure of B.A in Philosophy


Philosophy is a subject that deals with theories. In practical, theories of any kind come under the subject philosophy. The subject basically deals with the logics and theories behind various issues. The main prospective of the subject is to understand the theories and basis of every occurrence. Thus, the subject plays very important role in understanding the various circumstances and the reason behinds its occurrences. B.A in Philosophy being a bachelor level course studies the various aspects of the theories and reasons.

The subject Philosophy has plenty of scopes in the present market. The subject deals with a lot of issues which makes it quite logical. The era, in which logic plays a very important role, the course B.a in philosophy proves to be highly beneficial. That is the reason why so many students opt for this course. Though the market has plenty of courses that are practical and has plenty of option, but yet B.A in Philosophy has its own high importance and reputation.

The demand for the course B.A in Philosophy is quite high. Thus, there are plenty of colleges all over the country that offers this course. The list of colleges has both government colleges as well as private colleges.

The fee is different for different colleges and depends on the college from which the course is being done. Few famous and renowned colleges that offers this course are University of Madras, University of Poona, University of Delhi, Andhra University, University of Calcutta and many more.

The fee in Andhra University is Rs. 2300 per year. The fee structure of B.a in Philosophy in University of Calcutta is Rs. 1200 to 1800 per year. University of Delhi charges approximately Rs. 9000 per year for this course.



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    is it possible to do BA philosophy with BCOM at the same time?????