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Paper pattern for economics in T.Y.B.Com?

what is the paper pattern for economics in tybcom in 2011-2012?

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Default Re: Paper pattern for economics in T.Y.B.Com?

better chances in the exam.
T.Y.B.Com Examination, March 2011
(Revised Course)
(3 Hours) [Total Marks: 100
N.B. (1) Attempt any five questions, with a
minimum two questions from each section.
(2) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
(3) Answer to both the sections should be
written in the same answer-book.
Section I
1. (a) Explain in details the items included in
the Asset side of a Commercial banks
balance sheet.
(b) What are the factors determining the
liquidity and profitability of commercial
2. (a) Examine the recent changes in RBIs
monetary policy.
(b) Discuss the performance of SHGs in India.
3. Explain the performance of the Indian
Money Market.
4. Write notes on any two of the following:-
(a) New technology in banking in India.
(b) Measures used by RBI for short term
liquidity management.
(c) Role of capital market in economic
(d) SEBI.
Section II
5. (a) Give reasons for the increase in public
expenditure in India in recent times.
(b) Explain the burden of internal and
external debt.
6. (a) Examine the causes of disequilibrium
in the balance of payments.
(b) Discuss the functions of WTO.
7. (a) Examine the role of RBI in foreign
exchange market.
(b) Explain the role of RBI in foreign
exchange rate management.
10. Write notes on any two of the
(a) Changing trends in tax and non-tax
revenues in India.
(b) Gains from international trade.
(c) TRIPs and TRIMs.
(d) Spot and forward exchange rates.
Do you have any question? or have anything to say?

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