How to Prepare for FMS Entrance Exam?


The Faculty of Management Studies carries out an entrance exam for selecting excellent candidates for different management programs. FMS is one of the accepted management entrance test after XAT, CAT and MAT. As to be eligible for this, candidate has to have successfully finished bachelor degree in any discipline from a renowned institute or university. The FMS entrance exam will be held on the second week of January. FMS Entrance test be objective with multiple choices.

Structure of FMS Entrance Exam

This entrance test consists of 200 questions and duration of the test is 2 hours. The FMS exam carries maximum of 800 marks. Each acceptable answer will be rewarded with 4 marks. The incorrect answers will have a penalty of one mark. The test paper consists of four sections and each section carries maximum of 200 marks.

The entrance test questions are from different subjects like English, verbal and quantitative capability. There will also be questions from Reasoning and logical awareness. Each part carries 50 questions. The candidates will be picked based on the entrance test marks and personal interview.

Syllabus of the FMS Entrance Exam

English part consists of spelling inaccuracy identification, source of words, synonyms, phobias, fill up the blanks. For this section, they have to read newspapers on a daily basis and also magazines related to economics and finance. To have good grasp over the language, they can also read story books. Memorize the mathematics formula thoroughly and this will help them to solve the problems faster. If your basics are clear, then mathematics should not be big issue. If you are a non mathematic background you can take help of some GRE or GMAT book for quantitative preparation. The most accepted way to prepare for management entrance test is by practicing with as many sample tests as possible. This will assist you to increase your accurateness and speed.

The candidate has to prepare for this exam at least 3 to 4 months before the actual exam. Manage your time wisely and study according to the course of difficulty. They have to give more time for topics which they are not comfortable and then move on to easy topics. Go through the last five or six year question papers so that you will get some clear idea about the exam. You will get idea that what you should study and what you can afford to leave out. Since the FMS exam does not have any prescribed syllabus, all that you can rely on previous year question papers.



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    asif pervez:

    hi i’m bachelor student (maths-H) from bihar.& physically challenged student.if u have any opanion in ur keeping mind after graduation.

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    which books to refer for fms entrance exams????????