Cut-Offs of FMS for Previous Years


FMS is one of the premium institutes that offer several management courses. It is considered as one of the leading university department in the world. It is a department which comes under the Delhi University. The institute conducts its own tests for the admission of candidates in various management courses. They also accept candidates with valid CAT score. The cut off score for the FMS will change from year to year. This is based on the performance of overall candidates appearing.

The candidates have to pursue this minimum cut off marks published. The qualified candidates are then called for an interview. The candidates have to submit their qualification certificates and other documents of proof at the time of interview.

FMS exam Cut-offs for 2011

The question pattern for 2011 also consists of 200 questions of total 800 marks. It was easier compared to the previous year. The cut off for FMS 2011 is as below

For general candidates the total score should be between 350 and 360. For each subject the score is

  • Verbal ability – The repeated questions are avoided in this year. The antonyms, synonyms, foreign origin, etc. are not repeated this year. The cut off is around 53 to 57.
  • English comprehension - This section seems to be easier compared to previous year. The cut off will be around 43 to 47.
  • Quantitative ability - This section was also easier. The cot off will be around 46 to 51.
  • Analytical ability & Logical Reasoning – This section was somewhat similar to the previous year. But there were complex questions also. The cut off will be around 63.

FMS exam Cut-offs for 2010

The cut off marks for this year seems to be higher than others because it was easier compares to others. The cut off marks for FMS 2010 are as below

For general candidates the total cut off marks was 331. The cut off for each section is

  • Verbal ability – For this section the cut off mark was 37 out of 200
  • English comprehension – In this section it was 35 out of 200
  • Analytical ability & Logical Reasoning - The cut off for analytical ability was 63 out of 200
  • Quantitative ability – For quantitative ability it was 41 out of 200

FMS exam Cut-offs for 2009

The FMS 2009 was a lengthy paper compared to previous year. But it was less complex. The specific points noted in this year was

  • The questions on DS were absent
  • Quantitative analysis was tougher compared to previous.
  • The questions on Higher Mathematics were there.
  • The VA and RC were separate sections.
  • The literature based questions were also there in VA which was a bit difficult to crack
  • There were five lengthy passages with seven questions each

The cut off for each sections were as below

  • Verbal ability – The verbal ability cut off was 51+
  • English comprehension – The cut off was 38+ for this section
  • Analytical ability & Logical Reasoning – For this section it was around 60+
  • Quantitative ability – The cut off for this section was around 53+

As you can see, cut off marks for each of these subjects differ each year.



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