ICFAI University, MBA, Managerial Effectiveness – I (MB1A3) Papers


Managerial Effectiveness is one of the papers in the MBA degree from ICFAI and it is coded as MB1A3.It is an objective type paper with multiple choices questions, therefore a person needs a thorough knowledge in this subject to do well in this particular paper. The paper deals with the complete functional knowledge of the subject and the application of this knowledge in the field of management.

Paper pattern:

There are 100 questions in the MBA Managerial Effectiveness – I (MB1A3) Paper and a student undergoing this course has to attempt all the questions as it is a compulsory paper. There are various types of question pattern like fill in the blanks, true false questions. The paper has five options namely a, b, c, d and e.

Maximum marks and time allotted:

The marks obtainable in the MBA Managerial Effectiveness – I (MB1A3) Paper are 100 marks and it is an objective paper and has one marks each. A time limit of 3 hours is given to complete the paper.

Frequently asked questions:

MBA Managerial Effectiveness – I (MB1A3) Paper is an objective paper is one where one has to have a complete knowledge on the subject. Some of the questions that find repetition in this paper are concepts of changing environments and its effect on success, response to criticism, and examples of favorable responses. Other topics of interest are favorable responses to request for credit, general statement of speech and its importance, consistent patterns in behavior, non verbal communications, and its difference with verbal communications. Procedures of an effective job search, groups involved in decision making, various types of on the job communications, and other managerial techniques and its application.


Communicating for Managerial Effectiveness by Phillip G Clampitt.

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