ICFAI University, MBA, Information Technology and Systems – I (MB1C3) Papers


About the Examination:

ICFAI offers a distant mba course which makes it easier for students who cannot afford to pursue a full time mba degree. Information Technology and systems is one of the papaers one needs to qualify to proceed to ones completion of the mba degree.

Examination pattern:

Information Technology and Systems has two papers to it named paper 1 and 2 with varied syllabus and different examination for each part. We are dealing with the 1st paper coded MB1C3.

About the paper:

The paper is one of the papers in group C out of 4 papers that appear in this group. There are a total of eight groups the paper deals with basics of information technology and management.


The paper 1 on Information Technology and systems deals with the basic concepts of information technology and its management. Since it is an objective based paper one needs to be very particular in studying the syllabus though roughly. The topics covered are the development of computers throughout the various generations and their evolution with time, concepts of hardware and software. The various types of operating systems and their applications and problem solutions. Designing systems for the representation of information, DBMS and managing various databases etc.

Paper pattern:

The paper has 100 compulsory questions and is an entirely multiple choice based question paper spanning the entire syllabus. Each question carries one mark so there is a total of 100 marks. The number of options provide for each question is five.

Full marks of the question and the time allotted:

The total marks of the paper are 100, and the answers to all the questions are to be written in the maximum time span of 3 hours only.

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    Hi Please provide me the Question papers for MBA in IT for ICFAI sikkim

    module 2 all subject question papers from jan 2009 till nov 2012.

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    Sushil Kumar:

    Please provide full details about MBA (Information Systems) in correspondence.

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    Please send me the group C and D pepers, its very urgent. plzzzzzzzz