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The Managerial Economics subject forming part of the MBA program appears in the first semester. It is a 100 mark three hour long paper in which a candidate is expected to secure at least a minimum 55% and a maximum of 70-80% the paper pattern remains the same with part 1 having short questions and part two long ones. The short answers should be not more than 60 words and the long answers not more than 150 words. In both these parts, you have questions from the three sections of the syllabus. A student has to attempt all questions form part 1 and 9 out of 12 questions form part 2.

The topics for each section include a brief introduction to Managerial Economics: Scope, etc, Basic in decision-making, distinguish between Micro and Macroeconomics and demand and cost analysis in section 1. Section 2 mainly includes topics like Pricing analysis, price discrimination, selling costs, Various pricing methods, break even analysis, profit planning, etc. it also includes National income analysis as a major topic.  Section 3 comprises of theory of multiplier, Income generation process through multiplier, Macroeconomic policy etc.

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