IETE AMIETE-ET (Old Scheme) Industrial Management Papers


The industries are the most important part of an economy. They are so many in numbers that they need to be managed. Thus there is a need for industrial management. Moreover even after a new technology has been invented, it needs to be tested for its effectiveness. This subject deals with the effective management of all the processes that take place in an industry.

Importance of the paper

In the matters of the production of a certain commodity in an industry a great many details have to be kept in mind. And for everything to go smoothly industrial management is very important. So there is a great need for the industrial engineers in the society. IETE AMIETE-ET (Old Scheme) Industrial Management Papers are designed keeping in mind the above motive.


The format for Industrial Management Paper is very simple. There are some objective type questions and some subjective questions.

Paper pattern

A candidate will get 9 questions in total in the Industrial Management Paper. The first question of the paper is a mandatory one and it has a weightage of 20 marks. The will be 10 questions in questions and each will have a weightage of 2 marks. Candidates will have to answer question 1 on a separate answer which will be provided at the start of the exam and they have to submit that answer script to the invigilator within 45 minutes after the exam starts. For the the reamining 8 quesions the weightage is 16 marks each, but a candidates will have to answer only 5 questions.


The maximum marks for the AMIETE Industrial Management paper is 100. All the questions have been given equal weightage i.e. 16 marks except the first question which has been allotted a weightage of 20 marks.  Some questions from the question paper

The questions asked may be like

1. What are the differences between Taylor’s scientific theory and Fayol’s administrative theory?

2. Briefly explain Henri Fayol’s principles of management.

3. What is line organization? Explain the characteristics and importance of organization.

4. How Decentralization differs from delegation?

5. What is organizational change? What are the response and resistance of organizational change?

Time allotted

You have to write this 100 marks paper in 3 hours time.

Recommended books

The students can follow “The Prinbciples of Industrial Management by John Christie Duncan and Industrial safety and Health Management by C.Ray asfahi and David W. Rieske”

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