IETE AMIETE-ET (Old Scheme) Electromagnetic and Radiation Engineering Papers


The Electromagnetic and Radiation engineering has become one of the most sought after branches of engineering in the recent years. The reason is that heat transfer is a very important part of the various industrial processes. Apart from this the transmission and reception of the various signals as the electromagnetic waves used by the various satellites and other electronic equipments make it even more popular. The energy demands are increasing every day. And the fact that they are employing more and more people to meet the growing needs of the world is also an important factor. The subject follows the old pattern and provides knowledge about the several aspects of it in detail.

Importance of the paper

In order to be successful in the commercial sphere the candidates need to have a sound knowledge of the transfer of the radiation and the electromagnetic waves. The various methods that already exist might need a more efficient substitute Thus it is expected of the candidates  They should also be familiar with the existing materials used and the pros and cons of it to innovate new ways.


If we speak of format, there is nothing special about this paper. Its a normal AMIETE paper with the same paper format.

Paper pattern and Markings

In this paper you can see marks variation from 2 marks to 10 marks and sometimes even more.2 marks has been given to objective questions which are 10 in number and are compulsory as well. All other are of 16 marks with different marks allotted to the sub-questions. 5 such questions are to be written by the candidates. The choice depends on them as they get 8 such questions.

Some questions from the question paper

The questions asked may be like

What are the requirements of a good conductor?

Name and explain the Faraday’s Law and Ampere Circuital Law.

Explain the concept of displacement current in magnetic field due to time varying electric field.

Time allotted

Time given is also same 3 hours.

Recommended books

The most popular books used by the students are the “Electromagnetic Fields and Radiation; Human Bioeffects and Safety by Riadh W.Y.Habash” and “Classical Electromagnetic Radiation by Mark A. Heald”.

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