IETE AMIETE-ET/CS/IT (Old Scheme) Mathematics-I Papers


The Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer is pretended to be the top telecommunication engineering institute and it conducts the mathematics-I paper exam for the students belonging to the streams of Computer Science/Electronics and Telecommunication/Information Technology Engineering. Most of the questions are bit tricky.

Why Mathematics is important for Engineering Students?

The Mathematics-I Papers is pretended and preferred to be the most valuable subject and also helped in the future subject because it carries questions related to the first papers. This subject gives the problem solving attitude to the students and it also enhanced the numerical solving ability. Mathematics is the only subject in which one should have to get the proper logic of every question pattern. Questions generally asked from partial differentiation, multiple integrals, special functions and series solution of differential equation etc.

Is there any particular paper pattern for Mathematics-I Paper?

Yes, there is a particular pattern which is kept in mind while framing the Mathematics-I question paper. There are a total of nine questions in the IETE AMIETE-ET/CS/IT (Old Scheme) Mathematics-I Papers. The first question is compulsory for each student and for this part each candidates should get an answer sheet and they have to write the answers in it nowhere else. From rest of the eight questions only five questions are mandatory to answer. Each question carries 16 marks. The total marks allotted for the first question is 20.

Some of the questions which you should focus on

The general and regular questions that are frequently asked in the IETE AMIETE-ET/CS/IT (Old Scheme) Mathematics-I examination are find the rank of the given matrix, Euler’s theorem, Eigen value’s and Eigen vectors etc. Students need to clear in the field of differential equation because most of the questions are from differential equation.

Know the marks and Time allotted

The Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer AMIETE-ET/CS/IT (Old Scheme) Mathematics-I Papers is of 100 marks and the total time evaluated for each candidate is three hours.

Books you can refer

Advanced Engineering Mathematics, H.K. Dass, 17th Revised Edition 2007, S.Chand & Company Ltd, New Delhi

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