Government Colleges for B.E/B. Tech Biomedical Engineering in India


Biomedical Engineering is the usage of principles of engineering and design concepts to the fields of biology and medicine. This branch of engineering seeks to the bridge the gap between medicine and engineering and it combines the problem-solving and designing skills of engineering with biological sciences and medical sciences for improving healthcare therapy, monitoring and diagnosis.

Development of biomedical engineering:

The field of biomedical engineering has recently developed as it own discipline and such an evolution is common as a new field transitions from being interdisciplinary specialization among the already developed fields to being considered as its own field. Some of the popular biomedical engineering applications include therapeutic biological, pharmaceutical drugs, regenerative tissue growth, common imaging equipment like ECGs and MRIs, therapeutically medical devices ranging from clinical equipments to micro-implants and biocompatible prostheses.

Government College for B.E/B. Tech Biomedical Engineering:

The names of Government colleges offering B.E/B. Tech in Biomedical Engineering in India are given below:

College of Engineering, Pune

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

University College of Engineering, Osmania University

Banaras Hindu University Institute of Technology

Eligibility requirements:

For getting into the B.E/B. Tech Biomedical Engineering, candidates must have completed their higher secondary in science stream of education from a recognized state board of education or Central Board of Secondary Education.

Admission Procedure:

Admission of students to the B.E/B. Tech Biomedical Engineering course like any other engineering course is done based on the merit secured by the candidates in the common admission test conducted either at the state level or national level examination like AIEEE. When it comes to admission to IIT, candidates must get through the IIT JEE examination for getting into the Biomedical Engineering course.

Higher studies after Biomedical Engineering course:

Candidates with B.E/B. Tech biomedical engineering have a wide range of higher studies option and they can go for PG course in Biomedical Engineering. They can go for MBA course and can also go for Ph. D after completing Master’s Degree in biomedical engineering. Ph. D course will enable them to go for research in the field of biomedical engineering. There are different long-term and short-term courses available for biomedical engineering graduates. Some of the certification courses include designing, testing, etc… If they do these courses from a recognized institution they can get better job prospectus.

Job prospects for B.E/B. Tech biomedical engineering graduates:

There are equal opportunities for Biomedical Engineering graduates in the private and public sector, many private firms engaged in manufacture of biomedical products recruit biomedical engineering graduates. Even some hospitals recruit biomedical engineers for selection and handling complex biomedical devices. There are different job opportunities available in the field of teaching as well. Biomedical engineering graduates can find job opportunities in the following positions:


Business managers

Biomaterials engineer

Bioinstrumentation Engineer

Biomechanics Engineer

Clinical engineers

Research Scientists

System physiology engineers

Technical writers

They can find job placement in the following fields:

Scientific and research organizations

Educational institutions

Pharmaceutical manufacturing firms

Design and patenting

Government agencies

Clinics and hospitals

Thus, biomedical engineering can be a good option for candidates, who wish to go for engineering after their higher secondary.


Biomedical engineering is highly suitable for a person with immense interest in health care and medical field. They can either go for higher studies after the course to enhancing their education qualification or they can also go for job opportunities in private and public sector organizations. These professionals can find job placements not only in India, but in foreign countries as well. Also, biomedical engineers can get an attractive pay package and doing some short-term courses after B.E/B. Tech biomedical engineering can be an added advantage to them.



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    may i ask that any medical stream in secondry class can apply for biomedical eng.

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    Is it possible to get admission in gov. Biomedical colleges through SEEE???or only AIEEE??
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    sir, can mpc students opt for this? where these students get placements in govt. sector after girls have scope in placements in bme?is osmania university good in providing jobs in this (BME)?

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    for doing biomedical which one is good-B.E or B.Tech?