IGNOU Bachelors in Information Technology Computing Solutions Papers


Computing Solutions has become an important part of studies related to Information Technology as most of the companies are offering this service to their clients and for this they need freshers who can be trained to get acquainted with the industrial needs. Major IT Giants are recruiting candidates in huge number every year. This is the reason why it has been included in almost all the courses related to Information Technology, whether it is B.Tech/B.E in IT or B.Sc in IT.

Topics taught in this paper:

The topics which are to be taught in this paper are processing control and its types, different types of database models, Neumann- Hadass model, different phases of system development cycle, etc. Apart from this students are also made aware of the present technologies which they have to work on, though they may not get practical knowledge of the same. They will get to work on such tools when they are hired by any such company which provides computing solutions.

Division of paper:

There are two divisions in this paper as Section A and Section B. Section A is of 30 marks and Section B is of 45 marks.

Time and marks allotted:

The total marks that can be allotted in this paper are 75 and the maximum time limit in which the question paper is to be solved is of three hours.

Paper Pattern:

There are total seven questions in this paper. The question paper is divided into two sections. The two sections are as Section A and Section B. there are total three questions in the section A of the paper and all of them are compulsory. All the questions of this section are short answer type. The total marks carried by this section are 30. Section B of the paper comprises of a total of 4 questions. Out of these 4 questions only three are to be solved correctly. Each question of this section is divided into two parts. The questions of this part are long answer type and carry a maximum of 15 marks.

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