IGNOU, Bachelors in Information Technology, Database Management Systems Papers


Students of Information technology at Indira Gandhi National Open University have to undergo Database management system papers during their course. As far as IT students are concerned, this is a very important paper.

Paper pattern

The paper consist of two sections, A and B. Section A is compulsory and the candidates have to answer all the questions from this section. There is no option of choosing in section A. Section A consists of 10 questions. Each question will be provided with four options. The candidate has to choose the most appropriate answer. In section, there are three questions; the candidates are required to answer two of the three questions from section B. The questions are mainly based on examples and require the candidates to distinguish between various things.

Marking scheme

The paper is for a total of 75 marks. Section A is for a total of 45 marks and section B is for 30 marks. If sub questions are present within a question, marks will be equally shared between them.

Duration of the paper

The candidates are allotted three hours for completing the question paper. Prior to the start of the exam, the candidates will be allotted 15 minutes for reading the question paper and for clarifying any doubts the candidates may come across.

About the subject

It is a subject based on the management of computer databases. The students need to learn about the various applications used for management of database like JDBC, OLAP, ODBC et cetera. The subject is not very tough but requires the candidate to have good understanding of the topics. From exam point of view, it is best to make use of previous year question paper. Books like Information Technology for UPTU by Atul Kahate will also do a lot of help.

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