IGNOU, Bachelors in Information Technology, Object Oriented Programming Papers


IGNOU is the short form of Indira Gandhi University of Science and Technology. This is one of the universities that is eyed by most students in the country and even outside for the high standard with which it is able to infuse the students with knowledge through various courses. Information technology is one of the courses proffered by the university. These students need to acquire knowledge in object oriented programming as a part of the course.

Overview of the subject

Object oriented programming is a subject that is about various languages used for coding and not surprisingly this is one of the most important subjects for IT students. It involves various programming languages like C, C++, Java and various others. There are other areas too covered by the subject.

Contents of the paper

The pattern of the paper does not allow objective questions. All the questions in it are descriptive. Two sections are printed in the paper. Both the section need to be answered. Each section consists of questions which are further divided into sub questions. All the questions need to be answered from the first section. Out of the six questions in second section, any two have to be attempted.

Allotted time and paper marking

The candidates are allotted 3 hours for answering the question paper. The total mark of the paper is 70 and a candidate need to get 24 marks to get past the exam

Best books

These books will certainly help you:

•    Object Oriented programming with c++ by Balaguruswamy
•    Basics of Java by Emmanuel Thoibas
•    Object Oriented programming by Sonya Dylan
•    Mastering C++ by K.R.Venugopal

Areas covered by syllabus

The syllabus consists of:

•    Classes and objects
•    C++ streams
•    Data types
•    Packages and interfaces
•    Multithreaded programming

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