Inventory Strategist - How to become an Inventory Strategist?


The major work area of an inventory strategist is related to managing inventory, supply and demand aspects in an organization. Inventory plays an important role in the functioning of every organization as the lack of control of inventory may negatively affect the organizations production and sales. Here comes the role of Inventory strategist who has a huge impact in increasing the efficiency of the organization. The major responsibility of the Inventory strategist is to devise plans related to inventory supply or demand. These plans are aimed to be implemented in case of any unforeseen events. One of the most important responsibilities of the Inventory Strategist is to foresee that the total inventory is adequate in order to meet the day to day operational needs of the company on a whole. The Inventory strategist may also engage in devising plans aimed at the cost reduction in the company. Risk handling is also part of their job.

Qualifying Exam

The candidates with diploma or graduate degree in the specific field can apply. The candidates who go in for the Post graduation degree in the same field may enter in to higher job positions. Those having necessary qualifications in the area of supply chain management, marketing, business administration are also preferred.

Who are eligible to apply?

The candidates who have completed the intermediate level studies are eligible to apply. The intermediate level qualification should be from a reputed institute. The candidates can go in for the Masters program only after successfully completing the graduation level studies.

Key elements in the process

  • Complete the 10+2 studies from any reputed institute.
  • Take up the graduation qualification
  • Do Post graduation for better job avenues
  • Apply for suitable job openings.

Skills required for Inventory Strategist

The aspiring candidates should have good analyzing and interpretation skills. The candidates should have persuasion skills and should be able to influence others decisions. It is important for the Inventory strategist to have quantitative skills which may help them to check how their plans have an overall impact in the company’s budget. The candidates should have good communication skills. Delegation of tasks forms an important part of the skills.  The candidates should have adequate knowledge in the area computers, marketing, warehouse, inventory management etc.



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