MBA Finance Project Names and Ideas


The candidates decide on for Finance specializations for MBA can engage in various topics for doing their last year project. In fact Finance is one area where there are lots of options available for management graduates to do internships and projects.

Final year Finance Project Names and Ideas

  • A study on Potential for private equity investments by investment banks
  • A study on risk management using derivatives
  • A study on the measurement of financial efficiency in financial services sector
  • A study on transaction costing in project appraisal and loan processing
  • Activity-based costing and management
  • Analytical study on the volatility of securities traded on BSE sensex
  • Asset liabilities management in Indian banks
  • Audit and Accounting
  • Budgeting and Cost Control
  • Business management courses
  • Business Valuations
  • Capital structure
  • Cash Management
  • Comparative rating
  • Comparative study of FDIs and FIIs in the Indian context
  • Computational finance
  • Corporate lending
  • Cost Benchmarking
  • Creating value through financial management
  • Credit appraisal and risk analysis at banks
  • Debtor management
  • Dependency on external finance: an inherent industry identifying?
  • Effective financial management through control on inventory
  • Effective working capital management
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • EQA - Earnings Quality Analysis
  • Explore in risk management, banking, derivatives etc
  • Feasibility of investment in stock broking firms
  • Finance Cost reduction through - through interest cost reduction, inventory control and effective customer recovery system.
  • Financial projecting and forecasting
  • Financing in SME sector
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Fundamental analysis of financial sector
  • Fundamental analysis on real estate sector
  • Incorporated finance
  • Industry analysis and company analysis on a scenario basis, fight, growth potential and credit analysis
  • Inventory Control
  • Investing Banking
  • Investment banking
  • Investment Management
  • Liquidity analytic intellection
  • Management of Financial Services
  • Measuring the effectiveness of retail banking of a nationalized bank compared to a MNC
  • Mini- Finance
  • New financial approaches for the economic sustainability in manufacturing industry
  • Null base budgeting
  • Optimization methods in finance
  • Organized finance
  • Pecuniary Economics
  • Performance evaluation of initial public offers in India
  • Portfolio construction of debt and equity
  • Portfolio construction using fundamental analysis
  • How Portfolio management has helped increase effective investment?
  • Primal analysis to valuate earnings quality
  • Primary budgeting
  • Product and Customer Profitability
  • Project Assessment and Feasibility study
  • Project finance as an instrument for outgrowth
  • Ratio analysis
  • Risk capital
  • Risk management in banking
  • Risk management in Indian banks
  • Risk management through derivatives
  • Risk management in foreign exchange
  • Rural Finance
  • Study on private equity investment by investment banking industry
  • Universal banking
  • Universal business
  • Universal Finance
  • Valuation to determine the fair value of a stock
  • Virtual finance
  • Wealth management
  • Working Capital
  • Working capital management

Choose the Industry carefully

The candidate who are doing a MBA finance project can choose any industry sector of their choice and carry on with the project n a single topic. Some of the industry type includes investment banking, merchant Banking, Stock and Share market, financial institutions and even Research firms. Students can also do their projects in various manufacturing industry, FMCG companies, health care sectors and lots more.



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  1. 15

    sir, i choose the company for airtel in(service sector) what finance topic suitable for the industry? i select the “investment strategies” please give me a idea for “investment strategies” for project report and “cost benchmarking” i request to send me for the project model for this two topics in “investment strategies”& “cost benchmarking”

  2. 14

    Help me with topics n projects related to IMPORT n EXPORT firms, is it gud to crry our MCP projects in such companies..!! Plz do d needful..
    G I Khan..

  3. 13
    jaypalsing girase:

    Sir, i need finance project on “the study on portfolio management and how it has help to increase effective investment”. I currently working in kodak securities..

  4. 12
    Pravin deshmane:

    which topics choose for MBA(fin)spe for sip purpose? or Latest MBA(fin) specialization list for sip purpose?

  5. 11

    where to search for the previously done projects of MBA or BBM in finance for reference and the best topics to do the project on?

  6. 10
    Ramandeep kaur:

    plz suggest me regarding corporate governance in automobiles mba final research topic

  7. 9

    i urgently need mba finance project on-
    Ratio analysis
    Inventory Control
    Working capital management
    How Portfolio management has helped increase effective investment?

  8. 8

    optimization methods in finance for porject work in model

  9. 7

    i have choose project topic as optimization methods in finace.i want any model this topic plz send me

  10. 6

    Doing an mba project in the bank is value or not.

  11. 5

    how to approach a companies for getting permission to do project in their companies and list out company names

  12. 4

    Hi i am thinking abt doing a project on banking sector bt just confused abt the u let me kw wht all should i include while doing a project on banking….i am also interested in treasury,derivatives,fx and risk mgmt cn u help me with the flow of the project and which is the best topic among these.

  13. 3

    please tel me how to do project of risk management in banking

  14. 2

    Doing an mba project in the bank is good or not?

  15. 1

    i urgently need mba finance project on-
    Ratio analysis
    Inventory Control
    Working capital management
    How Portfolio management has helped increase effective investment?