Master of Forensic Mental Health


Forensic science needs no introduction about itself. It is one of the popular branches of science in the present era. Forensic science deals with various branches of science and uses it for finding out the exact reason or cause behind a particular incident. Under forensic science, lie various subjects and courses. One such subject is Forensic Mental health.

Master of forensic mental health is a course under which one is taught various ways and methods to find out the mentality of the criminal suspect. It also teaches the students the ways to examine the mental status of the suspect. If some disorder is found, the case is then dealt in that manner. Forensic Mental health slightly deals with the psychology of the subjects, but not completely. The main stress is laid upon the mental condition of the subject.

One needs to be at least a graduate and should have a bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible for Master of Forensic mental health. The degree should also be from a well recognized educati0nal board of India.

Course Outlook:

The course of Master of Forensic Mental does not have a fixed duration. The duration varies from 1 year to 2 years. Few colleges offer this course with duration of one year, whereas other offers it in 2 years.

Job Prospects:

There is plenty of Jobs after completion of this degree. Various forces, may it be police or defense recruits these degree holders. Even the options for research are always open.

Best Place to Pursue:

* Bundelkhand University
* University of Delhi
* Karnataka University
* Madras University



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    dr afzal:

    Can i biuld up career in medical field with this course.please explain in detail