Government Colleges for Ph. D in Forensic Medicine


Forensic Science, which is often shortened as forensics is the usage of broad spectrum of sciences for answering questions of interest to a legal system. This might be in relation to civil action or crime. The word forensic is derived from the Latin term forensic, which means of or before the forum. In modern use, the term forensics in the place of forensic science can be considered perfect as the term forensic is a meaning for ‘related to courts’ or ‘legal’. However, the term is now closely associated with the scientific field that many dictionaries add the meaning that is equal to the word forensics with forensic science.

Forensic medicine is a branch of forensic science and this medical specialization deals with identifying the causes of death and all other matters that might bring the physician into contact with law. Ph. D in Forensic Medicine course is the dream course of many medical graduates, who have great interest for forensic science and when it comes to government medical college for this course, there is only a single MCI approved college in India for offering this course. If you are interested in knowing the name and some of the details regarding this course and the college, read on the content given below:

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi:

All India Institute of Medical Science is shortly called as AIIMS and this is an autonomous institution functioning from the city of Delhi. The institute came into existence in the year 1956 and it is presently working under the control of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare of Government of India. According to a survey conducted by the India Today, the institute has earned consistent ranks among the top medical colleges in the nation. The institute always seek to achieve high standard of health care education in the nation.

Ph. D in Forensic Medicine:

AIIMS offers Ph. D in Forensic Medicine course with approval from the Medical Council of India. This course is meant for MBBS graduates with PG Diploma in Forensic medicine or MD in Forensic Medicine and the course can offer better prospects to the doctors for finding better job opportunities in government/private run hospitals and research institutions. These professionals can find job opportunities for professors or lecturers for forensic medicine in government/private run medical universities and medical colleges. Therefore, the course is highly suitable for candidates with great interest towards forensic medicine.



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    manasseh agabus:

    I am a hisopathologist with more than ten years experience. I recently developed interest in forensic pathology and will be copleting an msc in forensic medical sciences at queen mary, university of london hpofully by october 2012. I will like to cap it with a phd forensic medicine. What does it take. Can i do it part time from my center in nigeria?

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    poonam katyal:

    please tell me the procedure of p.hd. forensic science in goverment college. patteren of entrance exam and date month of entrance exam.