M.sc in Forensic Science


Forensic science is that branch of science that uses the other branches of science all together in proving a particular incident. Forensic science uses all the principles of various branches of science and applies them in the experiments to draw an exact conclusion.

Under the course of M.Sc in Forensic Science, one needs to study the various principles and theories that are applicable in Forensic science. Since the course is of master’s level, hence the study is a bit deep and in detail. The students need to study the various kinds of logics and rules of various experiments and hence are needed to draw exact conclusions out of the experiments.

One needs to have a bachelors’ degree in order top be eligible for this course. The bachelor’s degree or the graduation certificate can be of any recognized institute or university of India.

Course Outlook:

The course duration of M.Sc in Forensic science is 2 years. These 2 years are divided in to 2 parts. Each part is of 1 year. After very 1 year, an examination is commenced to decide whether the candidate is eligible for the next part or not. Few universities offer this course in just 1 year.

Job Prospects:

After successfully completing the degree of M.Sc in Forensic Science, one can work in police or Special Forces and help them in solving their cases. One can also work in defense. Research options are also always open.

Best Places to Pursue:

* University of Delhi
* Madras University



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110 Responses to “M.sc in Forensic Science”

  1. 110
    Nitesh prajapat:

    I am B.pharm last year student and I want to take admission in MSc.forensic so give me which qualification and which college in madhyapradesh.

  2. 109
    sayyed yasmeen:

    hi m a student of b.sc final year and my subjects r genetics ,microbiology n chemistry can i do my m.sc in forensic science n plz tell me the name of entrance form for it

  3. 108

    sir,i am appearing my Bsc medical 3rd year (2014) after it i want to do Msc.forensic science. how much persentage will be required and which govt.university is best for forensic science? i m waiting for ur answer

  4. 107

    involve the any entrance exam

  5. 106

    sir plz help me
    I am studying of bsc. 3rd year and my sub. are biochemistry. can I take admission in forensic science??????

  6. 105
    sneha gupta:

    i m student of b.a. 3rd year. and my sub. are psychology and military science. can i take admission in m.sc. in forensic science?
    please help me…

  7. 104
    Nemala siva kumar:

    Respected sir/madam I am final b.pharm student I am intersted in M.sc forensic science I am elegible or not what is entrance test for this course how to apply it. which colleges are provide this course in Andhra pradesh,tamil nadu thank you sir/madam

  8. 103
    Yugandhar reddy:

    I am doing with my b.sc comptr science nd i want to do m.sc forensic science,could you please help me with the admission process,top universities offering the course nd their entrance tests

  9. 102

    sir i have completed bsc in biotechonology from mumbai univaersity can i do msc in forensic science…

  10. 101
    Sushil vasistha:

    Sir plz tell me who is eligible for msc. Forensic non-med. Student or med. In after 12th

  11. 100
    [email protected]:

    sir,i have bachlor of science in medical laboratory technology.. i want to do msc in foreignsic science,,may i know how is the scope of msc in foreignsic medicine

  12. 99
    milan patel:

    Hello sir, i have complete my b.sc with chemistry in s.p university. I want to do m.sc in forensic. So plz tell me antrace exam date…thank u sir

  13. 98

    What is the date for entrance exam of M.sc in forensic science in 2013?

  14. 97
    radha rani:

    i am studying in bsc(gen) do am i eligible for any type of forensic sciences course or not

  15. 96

    hi,sir i am dng my pharm-d(doctor of pharmacy) 6 years course at sri ramachandra university,which vill be completed by two years. So iam interested in dng m.s c forensic medicine. Do i eligible for this course so plz tell me

  16. 95
    Somayan das:

    What is the date for entrance exam of M.sc in forensic science in 2013?

  17. 94

    sir/madam m doin my bsc. biotechnolgy in gitam university vishakapatnam which will be completed by nxt yr………so m interested in doin msc. forensics after dat so can i go for it???

  18. 93
    gunita sonowal:

    sir/ mam i m the student of b.a final year in anthropology can i do m.sc on forensic science?

  19. 92
    sunanda bhattacharje:

    sir/mdm im stdnt of bsc final yr can u sggst me whch clg would b the bst fr this course..

  20. 91
    Preeti Rai:

    sir/mam m doing B.Sc final year in biochemistry,can u suggest me somevof the colleges offering this course n wen the admision forms will b available for each institute n is there any entrace procedure
    thank you

  21. 90

    can i take admission in msc forensic science after completion of bsc microbiology

  22. 89
    Purnima Chauhan:

    hello sir plz tell me the admission criteria for M.Sc forensic science…… my final year is just comleted after few months later… I’m a student of B.sc (hons) botechnology…..

  23. 88

    am doing MSc. in zoology and am interested in forensics, can i be eligible for any forensic job, wat r d jobs n how to apply it after i complete my MSc and the criteria for it ????????

  24. 87

    hello sir could you tell me the fee structure for msc. forensic science & elgibility for course as i am doing my BMLT ?

  25. 86
    parul singh:

    respected sir/ma”am,i am student of bsc biotech last year so i will pg in forensic science .please gideance me theae collage & entrance syllabus.

  26. 85
    archana mahapatra:

    sir, i am in Bsc 3rd yr(Botany.Hons).I completed Isc with 59% mark.can i am eligible to take admission in Forensic sc.

  27. 84


  28. 83
    kavya singh chouhan:

    sir, can u plz tel me abt the applctn form of entrance exam of govt. college for msc in forensic science i m final yr student of biotech from c.g.

  29. 82
    abdul maJID:


  30. 81
    Kalyani Dattatraya Kotkar:

    From when application form for MSc forensic science are available?

  31. 80
    sameer singh:

    sir i complete my b.sc biotechnology with 64% …..,i eligible to m.sc forensic science.

  32. 79
    patil shivleela:

    sir i am in b.sc 2year with sbjects chemistry,analytical chemistry &computer science .can i take admission to msc in forensic science?

  33. 78

    i want to about msc forensic scince fees in punjab univercity chandigarh

  34. 77

    I completed my BCA 73% ,… Am i eligible to do Msc forensic science … and what should i opt(specialization) in Msc forensic science if i m eligible …. please guide me

  35. 76
    vishnu bandil:

    sir/mam i have completed of bsc.(PCM) ,can i take admission in Msc.forensic science?

  36. 75
    Zenia thangjam:

    Can i take M.sc in forensic science after completion of b.sc in anthropology, zoology and chemistry?

  37. 74
    mini tiwari:

    sir/mam i h am studend of bsc.chemistry(hons) 5th sem,final year,can i take admission in Msc.forensic science?

  38. 73
    neeraj sharma:

    Requested SIR/MAM,
    i have competed b.pharma in 2011. can i take admission in M.Sc in forensic science? please tell me some idea about it.

  39. 72
    Pooja Verma:

    I want to join M.Sc. Forensic Science i visited IFS INDIA EDUCATION DEPT Pune they are too good having lab facilities, job support and recognition, but they provide only online and distance courses, i’m looking for regular course, please suggest any regular college

  40. 71
    kusuma kumari kandikattu:

    iam a b.pharmacy final year student am i eligible for msc forensic sciences ?

  41. 70
    koushik sengupta:

    Is it possible for me to do M.sc in forensics after doing b.sc in physiology

  42. 69

    respected people ,
    i am in bsic [zoology] 2 year [semester 3] at msu baroda . i want to do msic in forensic science so i can do or not ? what preparation is required for entrance ? plz suggest some thing good for my future.
    thank you

  43. 68

    i m doing bsc in microbiology …can i opt for foreignsic sciense…??? hw many percentage do i need for dat in bsc…???

  44. 67

    sir i m BHMS final yr student ,i have great intrast in fornsic science ,can i do md in fornsic science after BHMS

  45. 66

    I have passed in b.sc finel year I take to addmision in m.sc forensic chemistry
    so plz reply

  46. 65
    prateeksha shrivastava:

    is it poss for me to do msc in forensic science after doing bachelor in biotechnology?????????????
    plz reply soon sir………..

  47. 64

    is it poss for me to do msc in forensic science after doing bachelors in statistics??

  48. 63
    Tilak chandrakar:

    Sir im a Bsc final year student in forensic science from pandit ravishankar shukla university raipur chhattisgarh .
    Sir i wana know best university in india for msc and how can i build up my carrier in field of forenric

  49. 62
    sunder raj:

    i’am doing my B.ScIII year, i have opted forensic science as one of my optional subject, so i want to do M.Sc in forensic science please send me the dates for applying in several (all)universities in India.

    thanking you

  50. 61

    I m in the final yr of B.sc in chemistry. I want to know. How to apply for m.sc in forensic science. Is there any entress exam for this course.?

  51. 60

    I am student of B.Sc IIIed year . I want to take admission in foransic science. please teal me scopic of foransic science . entres Exam date .thank you sir/madam

  52. 59
    shalem raj:

    sir i’m studying b.sc(nursing), am i eligible to do m.sc in forensic sciences?

  53. 58
    ashish kumar:

    what is the eligibility for m.sc in forensic science and cource offering universities and colleges and application form?

  54. 57
    jitendra kumar rout:

    sir/madam i’m doing my ug in electronics science so, is it possible to join msc in forensic science

  55. 56
    HAZIM M H:

    I have completed B.Sc physics,I am also interested with forensic science.can i take admission to M.Sc forensic science.if wherever this course is offering ? And about the the entrance exam Which i should be conducted.what is the syllebus for entrance exam.

  56. 55

    I have completed B.Sc physics,I am also interested with forensic science.can i take admission to M.Sc forensic science.if wherever this course is offering ? And about the the entrance exam Which i should be conducted?

  57. 54

    how would be the carear option after bsc microbiology doing forensic science criminology ?
    2.after doing bsc microbiology if we can appear directly for msc in FS or we have to compleat first bsc inFS then only we can get admission msc ?
    3.few good collage of forensic science in India and abrod

  58. 53

    which exam should i write for m.sc in forensic scince..?

  59. 52
    premkumar jodhpur:

    I am student of B.Sc IIIed year . I want to take admission in foransic chemistry . please teal me scopic of foransic chemistry . entres Exam date . top university con ph .9680818262

  60. 51
    swati thakur:

    im dng b.se biotech i hv lot of intrest in forensic scienci so wat type of entrance is required 4 tis

  61. 50

    Respected sir/madam,I Akhila doing my b.tech biotechnology 3rd year.I am interested in forensic science.
    can you help me out in an way to enter into forensic department.what should be my next step to enter into this field.

  62. 49

    what entrance exams are required for Msc in forensic science

  63. 48
    manisha goyal:

    respected sir or madam i m persuing bsc bioinformatics 3rd year. i want to start my carier in forensic science and join police or defence department.so is msc in forensic science is right option for me.plz reply

  64. 47

    i m doing bsc. biotech hons. and i hav lots of interet in doin msc. forensic . i hav doubt what i should to go for

  65. 46

    i completed my BSc in Nursing ,im interested in forensic science.plz give me your suggesion

  66. 45

    Recpected sir i am completed b.sc(com).i am interested m.com,m.sc(math).pls give me your suggetion

  67. 44

    im doing 4th b.pharm. i want to do MSc analytical forensic science.i want to know about the entrance exams and the colleges offering this course in banglore and hyderabad.

  68. 43
    Ravi kumar:

    Respected sir
    I am student of B.sc biotechnology,in jaipur . what I do after B.sc. biotec. I am intersted in forensic science ,microbiology and genetic .what will i do after B.sc.

  69. 42
    What is the procedure of entrance in forensic in universities and colleges in punjab:

    I am navjot want to know the eligibility,entrance,fee structure, syllabus,duration and further placements in Msc. In forensic science in punjab

  70. 41

    sir, can u pls tel me the entrance criteria and dates of exams in 2011 and the procedure to apply.
    wating for your reply, thank you

  71. 40
    Arun Jyothi:

    May I know which entrance exam I have to appear for M.Sc (Forensic Science) in Hyderabad.

  72. 39

    hello mam/sir,
    i am student of b.sc bioinformatics final year.kindly suggest me about the eligibility , fee structure, enterance dates for msc forensics and clinical research in north india specially in chandigarh….
    thank you.
    yours sincerely,

  73. 38

    i want do msc in forensic science

  74. 37

    i want do msc in forensic science

  75. 36
    p k behera:

    Iam pursuing Bsc Biotecnology 3rd yr . Can I be eligible fo Msc in forensic Science. Pl advice

  76. 35

    i m pursuing b.sc biotechnology presently,m i eligible for doing m.sc in forensic sciences

  77. 34

    i am b pharm student so what should be done enter in forensic science or m.sc in forensic science

  78. 33

    I have got the M.Sc Forensic Science degree i want to work in forensic science field wat job i can get?

  79. 32

    Hi sir
    I am gupta.
    I had completed M.Sc(analytical chemistry) in sv university tirupati also duing PG.D. in foresic science in hyderabad central university(distance)
    B.Sc(maths,physics,chemsity) background , i would like join M.Sc(forensic science) at any university in INDIA.please tel me details.
    each and every person requested see the this massage
    my cell no :09985700275
    email. [email protected]

  80. 31
    rahul biswas:

    my sister passed under graduate in anthropology .is she eligible in study of post graduate in forensic science

  81. 30
    Rashmi Bhardwaj, N Delhi:

    please could you suggest about how to get the mock test papers for the preparation for M.Sc Forensic Science.

  82. 29

    RIGHT now i hv ompleted b .pharmacy & i wanat to pursue my career in analytical works…& for this am really confused between forensic & clinical research.as both are related to analysis/…………& i have analytical bench of mind…..so could u plz tell me which option i should consider as i am comfortable for both…..bt i wana know the best career as well as future growth field from u ? plzz help me….

  83. 28

    I Am Studying B.Sc Biotechnology & i wish to do the M.Sc in Forensic Science is my education is eligible to do this course

  84. 27

    i am doing biotechnology.can i aplly for forensic nenotechnology?

  85. 26

    plz tell me that when will entrance test of m.sc. forensic science held in pu(chd) n last date of subission of form

  86. 25

    sir, plz tell me that when will entrance test of m.sc forensic science held in all university of forensic science courses. sir, plzz tell me the date of entrance test so i am able to understand . plzz reply fast

  87. 24

    i have completed my B.Sc.BioTech with 60 % degree in RAJASTHAN UNIVERSITY JAIPUR. Now am looking for Msc in forensic science.sir,plz guide me about the forensic colleges/universities in India;and also about their entrance tests so please give me information about entrance exam and date.

  88. 23

    which are the good colleges in pune and delhi for doing pg in forensic science?what is the procedure for addmission?

  89. 22
    vinita singh:

    can i submit ihe form for M.sc forensic science online?

  90. 21
    rajbir chauhan:

    sir/madam : i passed b.sc. with zoology ,botanay and chemistry . now i want to make my carrier in forensic science . please guid me . list me the instutes in haryana for this .

  91. 20
    hemant soni:

    sir i m doing bca now i want to do msc in forenscience science. can i eligible for this coursce. i m from science background. in 12th i ve done 12th in 2005 please guide me . for this course

  92. 19

    whenj Iget the admission from

  93. 18

    i am a graduate in science with zoology hons and i want to study forensic science so please any one who know about this please reply me on my cell no +919178203941 or my email address ===

  94. 17

    please include the name of School of Forensic Science, Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture Technology And Sciences, (Formerly Allahabad Agricultural Institute-Deemed University Allahabad) Allahabad
    which offered Various type of Courses in Forensic Science Such as
    M.Sc Forensic Science,
    B.Sc Forensic Science,
    P.hD Forensic Science ,
    Diploma in Document Examination
    Diploma in Fingerprint Examination
    in search list of Forensic Science Course in India of yours

    web:- http://www.shiats.edu.in

    School of Forensic Science
    Faculty of Science
    Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture Technology and Sciences,
    (Formerly Allahabad Agricultural Institute-Deemed University Allahabad)
    Allahabad-211007 U.P
    Ph- 09335152492, 0532-2684012 ,0532-2684123
    [email protected]

  95. 16
    Darshan Trivedi:

    Respected sir/madam,

    My name is Darshan Trivedi,i have completed my B.Sc.M.L.T with 67 % degree in Punjab Technical University. Now am looking for Msc in forensic science.sir,plz guide me about the forensic colleges/universities in India;and also about their entrance tests so please give me information about entrance exam and date.thank you……………

  96. 15
    bhanupriya gogoi:

    Dear sir/madam,
    please send me the date of entrance exams and model papers of the post graduate exams for 2011 session and after graduation which one will be the best to study - M.Sc in forensic sceince/diploma in forensic sceince/post graduate diploma in forensic sceince……………

  97. 14

    Respected sir/madam,

    My name is Rajeswary.R,i have completed my Bsc Chemistry with 58 % n i did Masters degree in International business& Mphil degree in International marketing. Now am looking for Msc in forensic science.so please give me information about entrance exam and date.thank you……………

  98. 13
    Budhibal chettry:

    sir, pls give information about the admission procedure n ta entrance test n placement for the course on Msc in Forensic Science. Thank you

  99. 12

    sir,plz guide me about the top10 forensic colleges/universities in India;and also about their entrance tests

  100. 11
    nilesh patel:

    Respected sir/madam,
    my name is nilesh patel. i complet my BSc biotechnology in 2010.
    I am intrested in study of M.Sc in Forensic science. so, please give me infomation about of entrance exam and date. thank you………….

    Nilesh patel.
    [email protected]

  101. 10
    mukund madhava mahato:

    sir plz guide me about forensic science and admission process for 2010..

  102. 9
    nisha singh:

    i’m student of final year with subjects botany & anthropology.
    i have interest about this course. plz give me suggesions that how can i make my carrer in this field. pleas.

  103. 8

    Respected sir/madam, i have completed my bsc biotech n now i m looking for msc forensic science. So Please give me information of entrance exams n syllabus , thank you

  104. 7

    i want know about detail onformation regarding this course. about the application form,exam dates and how can i apply for it after completion of graduation.

  105. 6

    Respected sir/madam ,
    I have completed B.sc computer science and i am interested in doing criminology and forensic science as my p.g course. Am i eligible for this course .

  106. 5
    poonam kamble:

    Respected sir/madam,
    my name is poonam kamble from BS.c 2year in biotech- biochem.
    Am I eligible for doing M.Sc in Forensic science? If yes,so please give me infomation of entrance exam & syllabus also thank you………….

  107. 4

    dear sir/madam,
    my name is runumi borah.n i am doing my bsc in bio-technology…i am very much interested in doing forensic.so i wanted to ask if i am eligible or not n plz let me know the jobs opportunities in defence n other areas .thank you..

    looking for an favorable reply…

  108. 3

    Dear sir/mam,
    It is my second year of B.Sc. with zoology,botany and military sciences.Am I eligible for doing M.Sc. in forensic science ?
    If yes,then can i get jobs in CBI or defence??
    Thank you in advance.

  109. 2

    give information about colleges of forensic sciences?? also about exam date 2010

  110. 1

    I am doing B.Sc in biotechnology. So can I apply for M.Sc in Forensic Science.