Mumbai University, B.E in Information Technology, 6th Sem System Software Engineering Papers


System Software engineering is an advanced form of computer programming language which is based upon which the different software get designed. Sound knowledge in the system software is essential as in different sector different type of software is needed and for the development of these, good professionals are required.

Which Pattern is followed? :

The paper of System Software Engineering contains altogether 7 questions and from these questions candidates are required to answer 5 questions. First question from the lot of seven questions is compulsory and the remaining 4 can be selected by the candidate from the rest 6 questions. Every question is kept in 2-3 (approximately) sub-questions for the comfort of the students. There are questions which are of short notes and these needs to be answered in 250 words. Each question is of same marks.

Questions asked often:

The questions asked in this paper revolve around areas like Software Engineering Process, Process Models, Agile methodology, Incremental and Evolutionary models, Process and Project Metrics, Software project scheduling, Software Design, Prototyping, Architectural design, Application Architectures, Interface standards, Reuse based design, version and change control, Software Configuration items, Software Reliability, Software Quality Assurance, Control Structures Testing, Service Oriented Software Programming, Reverse Engineering, etc.

Tips for the paper:

This paper is an advanced form of computer language, so it is a compulsory thing to know the basic languages by the candidates. Also revision of the previous year’s paper will be helpful in the exam.

Marks Assigned:

A maximum of 100 marks is allotted for this paper.

Time Allotted:

Candidates are given 3 hours to solve this paper.

Best Books to study:

Software Engineering by Roger Pressman

Managing software process by Watts Humphrey

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