Mumbai University BE in Electronics Engineering 6th Sem Microwave Devices and Circuits Papers


Mumbai University is the first three universities of India and is offering postgraduate and undergraduate courses in various disciplines. This university was previously called as University of Bombay and was founded in the year 1857. B.E in Electronics Engineering Course is amongst the undergraduate level of courses that are taught under this university.

What is taught in this paper?

The 6th semester Microwave devices and circuits papers basically include the topics like convectional circuit theory of microwaves, cylindrical magnetron and amplification etc. The students will also get the knowledge about the different types of wave guides dominant and degenerate modes etc. The candidates need to cover up the entire syllabus in order to attempt maximum number of questions.

Importance of this paper:

The importance of the Microwave Devices and Circuits Paper is that it helps in further studies with the same area of interest. The knowledge of this subject also helps the students during their interviews as well as at their workplace.

Paper pattern:

There are a maximum of seven questions are asked in the examination from the B.E in Electronics Engineering 6th semester Microwave Deices and Circuits papers, out of which first question is compulsory for every student and only four questions are to be answer from rest of the six questions. The total number of marks allotted for each question is same.

Frequently asked questions:

There are generally two or three questions that are repeated almost every year from the 6th sem Microwave Devices and Circuits Papers are measurement of power, introduction to strip lines and gyrator and circulator etc.

Time and marks:

The 6th semester Microwave Deices and Circuits papers carries a total of 100 marks and the time duration is given to each and every student to attempt all the questions is three hours.

Books recommended:

Microwave Engineering, Annapurna Sas, Tata McGRAW Hills

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