Nalanda Open University MA in Sociology-Part I-Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology (Paper II) Papers


Master of Arts is a higher degree which is a must for anyone who is an arts graduate and wants to sharpen his chances of getting jobs in a particular area, the sociology as a theory is the main point of this paper.

What is taught in this paper?

The paper is a study of concept and theory related to the perspectives of sociology. The reason of the services which is intended to do by a person is the main part of this paper.

Importance of Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology:

The paper is an important one as many Universities provides MA in Sociology as their full time course and the whole concept and theory is taught in this paper, so the subject is included in this course.

Paper Pattern:

The paper of theoretical perspectives in sociology is a descriptive paper and there are 10 questions in the paper and only 5 questions are required to be attempted. The questions are of equal marks. The questions do not have any sub-questions and thus all questions are needed to be answered properly.  Each question is of descriptive type. The questions from previous year’s paper are repeated, so candidates are needed to go through them.

Frequently asked questions:

The paper contains questions such as definition of theory, analysis of different levels of sociological theories, definition of perspective & its characteristics, theory of structure functionalism of merton, difference between conflict-functionalism & dialectical perspective, recent trends in sociological theorizing, concept of revival of public sphere, S. F. Nadel’s structure functionalism, Foucault’s concept of discipline and punishment etc.

Marks and time:

The paper is of 80 marks and time allotted is 3 hours only. The questions are of equal marks, and questions are not divided into sub-questions.

Recommended Books:

  • Introduction to Sociology by Ryan T. Cragun
  • Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology by Mcnall, Scott G
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