Delhi University - B.A. (H) Sociology - Second Year Papers


The second year sociology papers of Bachelors’ of Arts in Delhi University are for 38 marks each. It is to be answered in a total time frame of two hours. In Paper III any three questions have to be answered out of the given 6 to 7 questions. All questions carry equal marks. In the remaining two papers, there are two parts. You have to answer any two questions from the first part and any one question from the second part.

Each question in the first part carries 13 marks while in the second part carries 12 marks. There are no internal choices given in the paper. The paper is given to the student in Hindi as well as English language. The candidate is expected to answer in either of the two languages. Make sure to read and follow the instructions given on the question paper properly. All the questions in the paper are to be answered in separate answer sheet. Since all questions are essay type, there is no negative marking in the paper. Make sure to assign enough time to each question to be able to complete the paper on time.

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