National Institute of Open Schooling Senior Secondary Exam-English (302) Papers


The English paper is one of the important papers in the senior secondary exams. It is included as per the NIOS syllabus so as to enhance the English speaking and writing abilities of students. A majority of students in India are often unable to sit for the interviews of some big companies just because of their poor marks in English. NIOS English Paper is an attempt to make students good in English.

Why this paper is important?

The paper is a very important one because good marks in English are considered a pre-requisite for eligibility for interviews of certain companies, and today English is a must for this competitive environment.

Overview of the Paper

The paper is divided into two sections: section A and section B. Section A is a must for the students. This section also contains questions based on grammar, and functional writing skills. This section carries 85 marks.  Section B has a two questions but only one has to be answered depending upon the choice of the student, B1 for receptionist and B2 for Office use. Section B carries 15 marks.

Questions which are asked frequently

Unseen comprehension packages from either current issues or some stories, these are generally meant for testing the understanding ability of the candidates. Questions from stories such as ‘Tiger in the tunnel’, ‘my first step’ etc. are asked. Précis writing(60 words),  structural questions from the grammar part including prepositions, synonyms and antonyms, fill in the blanks with the right form of the word given, one word for, do as directed : active to passive, comparative to superlative etc.

Marks and Time given for this Paper

The paper is of 100 marks and the maximum time available to the students is 3 hours.

Books you can refer

  • Modern English, by Francis
  • Today’s Grammar
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    have we have to learn only the intext questions and overall questions or have we have to make questions from the lesson and learn

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    kunal silak:

    why was the intruder a hunted rat

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