IETE AMIETE-ET (Old Scheme) Engineering Graphics Papers


Engineering graphics is an important tool for engineering. It is a type of drawing which is used to define some typical and commonly used engineering terms which cannot be defined otherwise. It is not merely drawing but the language required to display engineering terms, and information.

Importance of the paper:

It is an important paper for the students of mechanical and civil engineering, though other branches do not have to study it in detail but a preliminary knowledge is required. Engineering graphics uses drawings and figures to represent complex structures and shapes on the paper for their easy and efficient processing.

Paper Pattern:

The complete paper contains a total of seven questions which are divided into three sections namely section A, section B and section C. Section A consists of one compulsory question which carries 20 marks, section B has the same criterion but the question in this section is of 32 marks. This section is also compulsory. From the remaining 5 questions in section C students have to answer any 3 questions, each carrying 16 marks.

Frequently asked questions:

Geographical drawings, some geometric shapes, vertical plane, horizontal plane, vertical, trace, sectional views of objects, front view, side view and top view, Hypocycloid, epicycloid, tracheid, cycloid, grooving, forming, caulking, crowning, drawing given views of machine components to full scale sizes with their front view, left side and top view. Standard thread profile of a buttress thread, locus, scale and diagonal scale, involute, recommended systems of placing a dimension, details of Universal Coupling, hexagonal pyramid, square prism, views of a castle nut.

Time and marks:

The paper is of 100 marks and a maximum of 4 hours is provided to the students for the paper.

Recommended books:

  • Engineering Drawing by Nagarjun
  • Engineering Graphics T.M.H. publication
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    deepika dangi:

    a hexagonal pyramid of base side 40 mm and heihgt 80 mm rest on one of its base side on the HP with its axis inclined at 30 degree to the HP and parallel to the VP.draw its top and front view