Phlebotomist - How to Become a Phlebotomist?


Phlebotomists are specialized professionals in medical sector. The main responsibility of these professionals is to draw and handle blood for various needs. They act as supporting staff to reduce the workload of other professionals working in medical field.  They employ different techniques in collecting blood according to the age and nature of disease of the patient. They are also responsible for labeling and cataloging blood for the samples they collected.

These professionals should know how to handle blood to keep away from the menace of contamination and spreading blood borne diseases. The candidate who wishes to get in to the role of phlebotomist has to acquire adequate educational qualifications and experience in the related area.

Qualifying Exam

The candidate has to pass phlebotomy technician training course in order to get in the role of phlebotomist. Those who have sufficient experience in the area after diploma or certificate courses in medical lab technology are also considered for the same. Irrespective of public or private sector firms, the candidate has to pass the test carried out by the recruiter to get into the position of phlebotomist.

Who are eligible to apply?

Those who possess any of the qualifications mentioned above are eligible to apply for the job.  The candidates who have sufficient experience in the job profile are much preferred for the same. They can find opportunities in hospitals, clinical laboratories, health care centers, etc. The job offer adequate career growth and lucrative salary packages to candidates.

Key elements in the process

  • Pursue short term courses in phlebotomy or lab technology
  • Obtain adequate work experience in the related area.
  • Search for the job position of phlebotomist and apply for the same.

Skills required for a Phlebotomist

Sufficient technical and mental skills are required for the job of Phlebotomist. The candidate should possess excellent eye-hand coordination and ability to work under pressure. Capability to work under a team or as individual is often expected from professionals working in the profile. Good personal skills and communication skills are expected from those who involve in this type of job. They should also possess sufficient knowledge in the modern techniques employed in handing and drawing blood.



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    How to attend the Phlebotomy course and write the Exam and get the Certificate.