Difference between Phlebotomist and Blood Bank Technician


Phlebotomists are those who perform the function of drawing blood from the patients. On the other hand, Blood Bank Technicians are those who deal with the process of collecting as well as analyzing blood. Their duties includes drawing and processing blood, testing for blood group antigens, compatibility and antibody recognition, inspecting abnormalities, supporting physicians in transfusion treatment, selecting blood donors, executing  pre transfusion viral screening and various other confirmatory tests, and much more.

Phlebotomist and its opportunities

Phlebotomists are healthcare professionals those who are trained to draw blood from the body of a living organism. They primarily collect blood by the process of vein puncture or by using finger sticks in case of collection of minute amount of blood or by means of heel stick in case of infants. Specially trained phlebotomists will be capable to collect blood samples from any of the arteries or brachial arteries for various lab tests and procedures. The vast majority of phlebotomist jobs are in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and medical offices. Various professionals who wish to turn out to be a nurse or a doctor can start out by working as a phlebotomist.

Blood Bank Technician and its opportunities

Blood Bank Technicians are medical professionals who collect, analyzes and make necessary arrangement for blood transfusions. They also need to examine all phases of the blood bank operation, from donor as well as patient registration and successive handling of blood products. Those with good analytical skills and the ability to work independently are the qualities required for this profession. Blood Bank Technicians can get into career in any of the public or private hospitals, in blood banks, emergency centres, and so on. Furthermore, they can also work in various clinics, laboratories, blood donor centres, nursing homes, pathological centres, etc.

Key differences between Phlebotomist and Blood Bank Technician

  • The job of a Phlebotomist is to take blood from the patients while a Blood Bank Technician apart from drawing blood performs various other duties including diagnosis of patient by conducting different blood tests.
  • Those who have passed any course in Medical Lab Technology can become Phlebotomist whereas to become a Blood Bank Technician, one should possess a degree in Blood Bank Technology.

The remunerations of both Phlebotomist and Blood Bank Technician are different. A Blood Bank Technician would be getting more monthly salary than the Phlebotomist.



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