Seismologist - How to become a Seismologist?


Seismology is a branch of science that deals with the scientific study of the vibrations of the earth. To become a Seismologist, aspirants have to study various courses in Seismology or Earth Science. Seismologists are professionals who are concerned with the study of shifts of earth’s surface and the drifts of oceans or seas that are the ultimate reasons for earthquakes and t-sunami’s. These professionals make predictions on the possibility of natural calamities like volcanic eruptions and other seismic events. They compute the depth of earthquakes with the help of an instrument called Seismograph. Seismologists also use computers to scrutinize and interpret data.

Qualifying Exam

Aspirants who have completed post graduation and PhD programs in Seismology, Earth Science or Geophysics can turn out to be Seismologists. They should have studied the courses from a certified institute. Seismologists can also study various courses like tomography, rock physics, which will be really helpful in their career. A graduation in the relevant fields is enough for the entry-level jobs in the sector. Seismologists can search out for career in public sector and in private sector. Most of these professionals work in meteorological departments or in earthquake research institutes. Postgraduates in the field can also work as lecturers in colleges or Universities. They can also search for employments in mining industries.

Who is eligible to apply?

The eligibility criterion to apply for the post graduation course is a graduation in Seismology, Geophysics or related fields. Aspirants should attend a PG entrance test so as to get admission for the postgraduate courses. Postgraduates in the relevant fields can apply for the research programs in Seismology.

Key Points in the process

  • Study the intermediate course in Science disciplines.
  • Pursue the Bachelors’ program in Seismology, Geophysics or earth science
  • Earn a Masters’ degree in Geophysics or Seismology
  • Carry on with your research programs in Seismology or related fields.
  • Apply for jobs in Government agencies or private sector

How to prepare for exam and interview?

Aspirants have to study the pre-requisite exam syllabus completely so as to clear the exams. They can refer magazines and newspaper bits, which contain news about natural calamities and seismic events for getting more knowledge about seismology. Aspirants can also procure specialized books and preceding years’ question papers from leading bookshops to prepare for the test. By solving sample papers and self-evaluating their answers, they may be able to be familiar with their weaker areas.



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