Difference between Seismologist and Geologist


Geology is the study of the physical structure of the earth while seismology is the study of the elastic waves propagated through earth. Seismology is considered as the sub discipline of Geology. Geologists study about the rocks and minerals exists on the earth crust. They also study about the physical processes happening inside the earth crust. Seismologists mainly study about seismic waves and interpret the seismic data to predict the extent of natural calamities like earth quakes and tsunamis. They are also responsible for creating models to explain the seismic responses. Even though both of these professions are different, geologists use the models and data prepared by the seismologists for their studies.

Seismologist and opportunities

Seismologists can work in various research institutes which focus on the study of the earth and its properties. National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad is one of the reputed research institutes under Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) which provide lot of career opportunities to the Seismologists.  Institute of Seismological Research (ISR) in Gujarat is another research institute which offer job opportunities to the Seismologists. They can pursue their career as Geoscientist in various firms which concentrates on seismic data management. They can also look for the job profiles mentioned below.

  • Research Scientist (Seismic Exploration)
  • Marine Seismologist
  • Deep Earth Seismologist

Geologist and opportunities

Geologists can look for career opportunities in the central government organizations like Geological Survey of India after qualifying the concerned examinations held by Union Public Service Commission. Several Mineral Exploration firms like Coal India, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation and Hindustan Zinc Limited also hire the service of geologists. They can work as Geological Scientists in various research institutes. Another job opportunity available for geologists is the career of Geophysical Advisor. They can specialize in the desired field and look for the job profiles given below.

  • Petroleum Geologist
  • Hydrogeologist
  • Environmental Geologist

Key difference between Seismologist and Geologist

The major difference between Seismologists and Geologists is that the geologists study about all features of the earth where as Seismologists only concentrates about the study of seismic waves. There are several specializations available in Geology when compared to Seismology. Due to that reason, wide varieties of employment areas are there for geologists than seismologists.



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