Top Housing Finance Companies in India


As compared to other financial services, housing finance is a new concept in India, however, the fast development of various housing activities in the country has led to the growth of housing finance market in India. With this, a number of housing finance companies are offering their best service to the people who are in need to housing finance.

The first company to be established during 1970s to offer finance to different urban infrastructural and housing activities was HUDCO and the first private sector organization to be established in this respect was HDFC in the year 1977. Since then, this sector has been growing considerably and is also expected to grow further in the forth coming years. Here are the names of top players in the housing finance sector in India:

Top 8 Housing Finance Companies in India:

Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited

State Bank of India Home Finance

Housing Urban Development Corporation

LIC Housing Finance Limited

ICICI Home Finance Company Limited

IDBI Home Finance Limited

PNB Housing Finance Limited

Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited

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Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited:

This company is the leader in the sector of housing finance and the company hold as much as 37% of market share. They have more than 25 lakh customers all over India and the best service offered by them is the customized housing finance to meet the need of every customer.

State Bank of India Home Finance:

State Bank of India Home Finance as the name implies is one among the different financial services offered by the banking leader State Bank of India. SBI home finance offers nearly 16% of the market share in the housing finance sector and they offer various types of housing loans to meet the housing finance requirement of each of their customers. They are offering home load for different purposes like extension/alteration/renovation of existing flat or house, purchase of land, purchase of new flat/home, etc…

Housing Urban Development Corporation:

This company offers loans for construction of new flat/house through its Niwas scheme. They are also offering loans for extension/renovation of existing flat or house. This is the first company to be established in India in the housing finance sector.

LIC Housing Finance Limited:

This company offers a market share of 13% in the housing finance sector and as the name implies it belongs to the insurance leader LIC of India. They are offering a wide range of housing finance and they have a strong brand presence that helped them to reach this place in the housing finance sector.

ICICI Home Finance Company Limited:

The market share of ICICI Home Finance is 6% and they are offering different types of home loans to customers with a tenure of maximum 20 years. The interest rate of the home loan taken by their customers is connected to the ICICI Bank Floating Reference Rate.

IDBI Home Finance Limited:

IDBI Home Finance Limited came into existence in the year 2000 and within a short period the company has grown as a leading player in the housing finance market in India. They are offering different types of housing finance like loan against home, Plot loans, home loans for NRIs, home extension loan, home improvement loan, home loans, etc…

PNB Housing Finance Limited:

This company offering home loans not only to Indians, but to NRIs as well and they are offering loans for renovation, repair & enhancement of immovable properties like home, flat, etc…

Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited:

This company has extension network all over India with 35 camps, 78 service centers and 74 branches in different parts of the country.

Thus, these companies enable people to get their dream of own house come true!



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