Difference between MS in Finance and MBA in Finance


Although MS in Finance and MBA in Finance are programs which are related to finance, both are entirely different fields of study. MBA Finance is post graduation in Business Administration in which Finance is only a specialization. In MBA, aspirants may have to study diverse subjects like Operational Management, Human Resource, Marketing and so on along with Finance. However, Master of Science in Finance is a more finance oriented course which focus on the Financial Research, Financial Modeling, Advanced Mathematical Applications in Finance and much more.

Masters in Finance course and career opportunities

Various Universities and institutes offer diverse MS courses in Finance. As there are so many specializations in finance, aspirants can take their preferred specialization while studying the MS course in finance. Some of them include Financial Engineering, Computational Finance and so on. By studying the program, aspirants may be able to gain a burly foundation about the principles and practices of finance. On completion of the course, they can search out for jobs in banking sector, insurance companies, asset management firms and pension funds. They can also seek for employments in financial software and consulting firms, manufacturing companies.

MBA in Finance course and career opportunities

MBA in finance is a professional course. So many business schools all through the world offer the program. Aspirants who have completed the MBA finance program from an acknowledged University can expect top designated employments in leading companies. Professionals, after completion of their course can search out for career in multi national companies, corporate or investment banks, trading companies, monetary institutions and so on. Those who have done the MBA Finance program have wide scope in India and abroad.

Key differentiators between MS in Finance and MBA in Finance

  • MBA Finance is Master of Business Administration in Finance whereas MS Finance is Master of Science in Finance.
  • Those who have done the MBA Finance have various employments opportunities other than finance, but MS Finance aspirants have to continue their career in the finance sector.

Even though MBA Finance and MS finance are postgraduate programs in finance, the former touches only a mere part of finance whereas the latter concentrates on the entire subject.



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    after mba finance baking courses in Maharashtra & fees

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    am completed mba finance and hr now am interest phd plase tell me in phd which subject is best for me

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    May i know that after complete MBA Finance in india,would i get jobs in abroad and what will be the salary to me.