Top Infrastructure Companies in India


Since most countries in the world face financial crises, the question that would be arising in our minds would be ‘how strong is the infrastructure sector in India?’ This question arises because most of the countries adopt different strategies to develop their infrastructure sector.

As far as infrastructure sector in India, in has shown a good development in the past years due to the contribution made by the top players in this sector. The list of top companies operating in this sector in given below:

Top players in the infrastructure sector in India:

HCC infrastructure

Maytas Infra Limited

Patel Engineering

Reliance Infrastructure

Punj Lloyd

Subhash Projects

Sadbhav Engineering

IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited

GMR Infrastructure

Some of the details regarding these top players in the infrastructure sector in India are given below:

HCC infrastructure:

HCC Infrastructure is having infrastructure in different sectors like power sector, transportation namely airports, ports, bridges and roads. They are presently working on a number of road construction projects Badarpur Elevate Highway connecting Delhi and Haryana, Nirmal Annuity Road project in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Dhule Palesner on the National Highway 3 in the Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh border.

Maytas Infra Limited:

Maytas is a leading player in the infrastructure in the construction sector for the past 20 years and they have the pride of handling different landmark projects in different parts of the country. They are not only operating in India, but are also operating in the United Arab Emirates.

Patel Engineering:

They have the experience of working in a number of infrastructural projects like building of highways, dams, bridges, etc…They are in this field for the past 60 years and with these 60 years, they have a record of handling 250 kms tunneling works, 30 micro tunneling projects, 30 hydroelectric projects and 75 dams.

Reliance Infrastructure:

This company is the flagship of the popular Reliance industries in India and this company was previously called as Reliance Energy. They are pioneers in the infrastructure sector in India and they focus on construction if SEZ, specialty real estates, airports, sealing and MRTS. Some of their popular projects are metro rail project, Reliance Sealink project, power transmission project, etc…

Punj Lloyd:

They have made their mark in different sectors in real estate, defence, aviation and marine. They have handled a number of infrastructure projects like airport terminals, seaports, underground tunnel, metro rail, elevated railroad, bridge, flyovers, highways and roads.

Subhash Projects:

Subhash Projects and Marketing Limited are in the field of infrastructure for more than 25 years and they have handled both private and public sector projects. They have offered their best services to different projects pertaining to infrastructure, environment, power and water sector.

Sadbhav Engineering:

Sadbhav Engineering is one of the leading companies based in the state of Gujarat with ISO 9001:2000 certification. They are engaged in different irrigation, mining and road construction projects. They are following an integrated approach in the construction and development of roads.

IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited:

Right from their inception till recently, this company has constructed nearly 1200 kms of road length and they are handling different projects like Realty, BOT and road construction. Their proudly held project is the operation and maintenance of Mumbai-Pune Expressway, which they feel as one among their most precious projects.

GMR Infrastructure:

GMR Infrastructures are pioneers in the field of infrastructure and they have interest in SEZ sector, urban infrastructure sector, highways construction, energy sector and construction of Airports.

It is due to the top companies in the infrastructure that we are able to travel comfortably from one part of the country to another part. They are not only engaged in road transportation, but are also engaged in rail track construction thereby enabling people to travel comfortably.



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