Top Jute Companies in India


Jute Sector plays a crucial role in the development of textile industry in India and this type of fiber is called as Golden Fiber since it is the type of fiber that is available at lower cost next to cotton. Due to the biodegradable character of this fiber, it has gained popularity all over the world and India is the largest producer of jute products and raw jute in the world and the country holds the pride of being the second largest exporter of jute products in the world. In addition, the sector also supports for the livelihood of four lakh workers in the country and 40 lakh farm families gain income from this sector.

The country has more than 75 jute mills located in different states like Orissa, Chattisgarh, Tripura, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. For encouraging the development of Jute Industry in India, Government of India has recently launched the National Jute Policy with the following objectives:

To make sure that the jute farmers get the remunerative prices for their products

Ensuring additional values to jute products through diversification of products

To improve the quality of jute fiber

To achieve a compound Annual Growth Rate of 15% per annum from the jute industry

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of jute mills in India that are engaged in the production of jute products and jute fiber and the companies are concentrating in the production of consumer lifestyle products. These companies in the jute production sector introduce new ideas in dyeing, bleaching and production of wholesome jute products. The names of some of the top players in the jute production industry in India are given below:

Top jute companies:

Lovson Exports

Jaikishan Dass Mall Jute Products (P) Limited

Eco Jute Private Limited

Boom Buying Private Limited

Anand Jute Industries

Some of the details regarding these companies in the jute sector in India are given below:

Lovson Exports:

Lovson Exports is operating form the city of Mumbai and this company is actually engaged in the production of scooters and motorcycles and jute products are one among the different products handled by this company. They are engaged in jute packaging materials and bags and they are selling these environment-friendly products at an affordable cost.

Jaikishan Dass Mall Jute Products (P) Limited:

This company is shortly called as JM Jute and it came into existence in the year 1975 in the state of Orissa. They are engaged in the production of wide range of jute products like hessian cloth, jute sacking bags, jute bags, jute balls, jute coils, jute ropes, jute webbing, jute tubes, jute twine and jute yarn.

Eco Jute Private Limited:

Eco Jute Private Limited is engaged in the manufacture and export of varied types of bio-degradable and eco-friendly cotton and jute bags and their product range includes ladies designer handbags, beach bags, gift bags, wine bags, printed and plain shopping bags. The company is operating with skilled workforce and it is using the latest techniques in printing, stitching, cutting of jute products all done under one roof.

Boom Buying Private Limited:

Boom Buying Private Limited is dealing with varied range of products under different categories like chemicals, automobile, agro & foods, energy, furniture, construction, handicrafts, gems & jewelry, garments, home furnishings, pharma, etc… Under their handicrafts category they are offering a wide variety of jute bags under ladies handbag category.

Anand Jute Industries:

Anand Jute Industries is engaged in the export and manufacture of wide range of jute products like geo textiles, yarn/twines, food grade jute products, industrial bags and hessian cloth/bags. They are in this field for more than five decades now and have earned a very good name in the production of quality jute products.



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