Career after MBA in IT


Nowadays MBA with specialization in Information technology is the most sought after degree. MBA –IT professionals get the top IT specific jobs in India and abroad. An MBA with IT spans newly emerging IT patterns. This course enables professionals to conceive and think of organizational planning and behavior. This program consists of hardcore IT fundamentals. This course is highly appreciated and also specialized. The top B-schools in India provide top class curriculum in Information technology studies. This course is the basic interface of Information technology with business needs.

Those people, who hold this degree from reputed B-schools, get top job offers from big IT companies. Some of the biggest IT companies are:

  • IBM
  • Accenture
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Microsoft
  • Wipro
  • Infosys
  • Google

Career in private sector after MBA in IT

The private sector is the most sought after sector in terms of generating employment for the IT professionals. Most of the top end work is done by these IT companies. This does not mean that MBA IT professionals can work only in IT companies. MBA IT professionals can find jobs in various other industries as well. Some of them are:

  • Telecommunications
  • Heavy engineering
  • Defense
  • Space agencies
  • Automobile sector

MBA IT professionals are the bridge between the IT team and the Management team. Some of the positions which are open to MBA IT professionals are:

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Vice president of information technology
  • Computer information specialist
  • MIS director

Career in government sector after MBA in IT

The career growth for a MBA IT professional in Government sector might be slightly different from those in the private sector. There are various Public Sector Undertakings, which can provide jobs to MBA IT professionals. The growth path might be different as these companies follow different rules and regulations. But the salary structure would be excellent in these companies. Also these jobs are very prestigious in nature as they cater to different clientele. Also vacancies would be there in other departments as well. Government Companies like BSNL must be requiring such professionals in large numbers.

These MBA IT professionals would be mainly working with the in house IT departments of such organizations. They would be the coordinators and the project managers.

Career abroad after MBA in IT

There are excellent opportunities or career prospects abroad after MBA in IT. One can directly approach various MNCs for job postings abroad through their websites. If the candidate is found suitable after interview, he may be given a posting abroad.

Long term career path after MBA IT

MBA IT Professionals can become very important figures for a company. They can become Director IT/ Vice president IT or even the Chief Technology Officer.



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  1. 5
    ronak panchal:

    i m complete graduation i want to go abroad for further study in M.B.A
    my question is that can i study in abroad?
    My financial position is weak from which source i will got money for went abroad

  2. 4
    Ashish Kumar:

    Sir I have done BTech in computer science and MBA in IT. For last 1 year I was working as Business Development Executive in Marketing but now I had left my job as I was frustrated with marketing line. Please suggest me some administrative job opportunities rather than marketing as I am very frustrated and I need a job urgently.

  3. 3
    Mirza Kamil:

    Hi, i am pursuing MBA IT from SMU i want to know how can a get a job after completing my course .

  4. 2
    Amrita Roy:

    Hii, I am pursuing MBA in Information Systems, now I am working in a private money marketing company like Rose valley, Mps etc. I am in system department where i do the Data Entry, Entry modification, changes , etc. So, I want to know how can I grow my carrier in It after my MBA complete. please suggest me how can i grow my carrier in it?

  5. 1

    plz suggest some good management college for mba in Information technology. I am pursuning BE in Information technology stream.