What is the future of degrees in aviation industry?


The Indian aviation industry is one of those sectors that have seen a constant growth within the last few decades. The open sky policy initiated by the Indian government has enabled a lot of players of foreign origin to enter the Indian aviation market. Ever since the introduction of this policy, the number of aircrafts as well as players of this field has increased in number. Currently, approximately 75% of the domestic aviation market comprises of private airlines.

The aviation industry deals with all the activities that involve the many operations of aircrafts. Different types of courses are offered in our country for interested students. A few of those courses comprise of:

  • Air Traffic Management
  • Aviation Safety
  • Technical aspects of flight
  • Economics of Airport
  • Regulatory Policies

Aspirants who wish to work as a consultant with the Indian government or any other bodies of the aviation industry can take up any of the civil aviation courses mentioned below:

Courses offered in Aviation Management

  • Airline Management
  • Airline/Airport Marketing
  • Airport Administration and Finance
  • Airport Management
  • Airport Planning and Design Standards
  • Aviation Insurance
  • Aviation Labor Relations
  • Aviation Maintenance Management
  • Economics of Air Transportation
  • General Aviation Marketing
  • International Aviation Management
  • International Trade and Regulations
  • Management of Air Cargo
  • Management of the Multi-Cultural Work Force
  • Marketing Management
  • Project Management in Aviation Operations
  • Public Administration
  • Small Business Management
  • Transportation Principles

When one works with the aviation field, it is possible for one to choose from any of the job profiles mentioned below:

  • Aircraft cargo handling supervisors
  • Aircraft maintenance managers
  • Airfield operations specialists
  • Aviation operations managers
  • Aviation program managers
  • Flight dispatchers
  • Pilots

The Job Demands

The entry level positions within the airline industry encompass a wide range of operations and duties. The majority of these positions comprises of:

  • Extensive customer service
  • Strong interpersonal in addition to communication skills

It is not needed for a person to have previous experience. But it will be necessary for them to have the ability to work long hours. It is also needed for these aspirants to have a special license. But for joining senior level positions within the air force, it is needed for them to have work experience.

Other Career Opportunities

Career opportunities are available with sectors such as travel and tourism, security and catering etc. Employment opportunities are available with Aircraft maintenance, design and manufacture as well.

Future Prospects

Because of the strong growth trajectory of the aviation industry, the requirement for skilled personnel’s has gone up. Those who have a CPL will have the opportunity to get jobs with top firms within the aviation industry.  The Air India is one such example.



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    what are the eligibilities required for doing airline and airport management for pursuing b.tech CS student

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    sir is ths possible to doing in cources in aviation industry. any future in aviation industry bec in thise time aviation companies in loss so possible to do cource or not. Pl suggest me sir.
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    what are the eligibilities required for doing airline and airport management for a commerce student?

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    what are the elidgibilitys to do mba in airport and airline management

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    hello sir this is ajay ,can u tel me some quaries if u dnt mind …,plz tel me hw much much fees in this deegree course

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    Best institute in mumbai which provide Bsc in aviation studies along with CPL at low cost?

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    i ma doing mech. engg. from bit bangalore, i want to know wat are the careers in aerospace field for me? and wat are the carrers in nasa america?