Aviation industry and its contribution in grooming the status of women in society


The aviation industry is one of the most significant sectors in the economy. In the present era, almost every sector provides equal career opportunities for men and women. Aviation is one such sector where the job prospects are high for women. Since the number of career profiles for the women in this sector is scaling up, the women participation in the sector is also increasing.

The industry helps the women to build up the professional qualities, professional and matured thought, excellent communication, and to maintain their beauty and smartness. The industry exposes the women in the society who have great communication skills, well education, and professional smartness. This develops their status in the society. The industry renders the hidden talent and smartness of the women. It also offers a platform for them to prove themselves to be equal with the men in the society.

Courses Offered in Aviation Industry

The aviation industry deals with all the activities that involve several operations of aircrafts. A few courses offered in aviation industry are listed below.

  • Airport Management
  • Aviation Safety
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Public Administration
  • Transportation Principles
  • Aviation Labor Relations
  • Airport Administration and Finance
  • Economics of Air Transportation
  • International Aviation Management
  • Management of Air Cargo
  • Technical aspects of flight
  • Project Management in Aviation Operations
  • Transportation Principles
  • Marketing Management
  • Aviation Insurance

Career Profiles for Women in the Aviation Industry

There are many career profiles for women in the aviation industry. One of the most significant jobs is that of cabin crew. The main duty of the job is to take care of the passengers. This job profile includes, air hostess, flight attendants or stewards, etc. The glamour associated with this profession attracts many women to this career line. To get a job in aviation industry, women are required to have good personality with communication skill, body language, professional attitude etc. An enormous effort is needed from the part of the female candidates to develop their professional ability which is most important in acquiring good positions in this industry. Another essential skill required for women to build up a good career in this sector is confidence.

The career in the aviation sector is one of the most responsible professions for both male and female candidates. The job profiles require lot of responsibility and commitment of the candidates. The aspirants must be social in their behavior and friendly in their approach while pursuing this career. This may help to bring up their status in the society at par with the men.



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