Aircraft maintenance and aviation industry


Aircraft maintenance comprises of the repair, modification as well as inspection of the components of an aircraft or the modification of the aircraft. There are many job opportunities available in the aviation sector and that includes technical and non technical jobs such as pilots, stewards and other air crew.

Numerous Indian Institutions offer students coaching in either of these courses. Once they complete their education, it is possible for them to get jobs with the aviation industry. The career opportunities available for people of the Aircraft maintenance industry and the Aviation industry are quite ample.

More about the Aircraft Maintenance and Aviation Industry is mentioned below.

Requirement of Aircraft Maintenance:

With the growth of the aviation industry, the need for its maintenance as well as care is going up as well. With the introduction of several new airports as well as the modification of the ones still standing, the requirement of individuals in the field of Aircraft Maintenance is high.

One of the biggest trouble airport authorities have with aircrafts is to detect the big and small problems in the aircrafts. If they are not able to find the problem it will have a huge and disastrous effect in the lives of common people in addition to that of the authorities. To avoid circumstances as these, the aviation industry takes in qualified people who are skilled in their profession.

What do they do?

  • Individuals of this field carry out maintenance as well as repair jobs very similar to those done by airline mechanics. One thing that sets them apart is they will have to work on machinery on base of the type of business that particular facility specializes in.
  • Aircraft mechanics can be licensed or unlicensed. Those who are licensed will receive their certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This might be a mechanic Certificate or a Repairman Certificate.
  • The issue of the FAA Mechanic Certificates is done subsequent to the successful completion of written, practical and oral tests.

Typical Requirements or Experience

A successful aircraft mechanic ought to have good mechanical skills in addition to the passion to do work with his hands. It is also needed for them to have the interest in the field of aviation as well as an appreciation to the importance of the job he is doing. The work done by him must be done completely and carefully. One other thing needed for individuals of this field is patience. A work might take a long time to complete. If he does his work in a hurry, he might oversee something. This must be avoided by all means.



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    i have comlpeleted 12th with bio….graduation in arts….age 20
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