Baba Farid University of Health Sciences- M.B.B.S. (2nd Prof.) Microbiology-B Papers


Microbiology is one of the most chosen subjects for study in higher education. The subject is a main part in many courses of medical, paramedical and biomedical. The basic theoretical part of life science is taught in the subject. Microbiology is also needed to understand the growth and life span of micro-organisms.

Importance of the paper:

Paper of Microbiology in medical courses is integral part, as the courses are helpful to understand the basic fundamentals of micro-organisms growth and life. The paper is also helpful to get the information of diseases and their cure.

Paper Pattern:

Paper of Microbiology is consisting of 2 sections. Section A contains 3 questions in it and each question is compulsory to be attempted. Questions in the group are such as short answer type, short notes type and last question is of long answer type. Short notes are divided into sub-questions. Section B is of 3 questions and short notes are divided into sub-questions for the ease of students. Questions are mostly of descriptive type.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions asked in the paper are such as short notes on Endotoxins, cytokines, host reaction, graft reaction, various terms and terminologies of microbiology, antibody reactions, sterilization, precipitation reactions, antibody sensitivity testing, contributions of Robert Koch, alternate pathway of complement, ELISA, counter immune electrophoresis, antibiotic sensitivity testing, oxidase test, hypersensitivity, genetic mechanism of drug resistance, structure of bacterial cells, transmission of genetic material in bacteria, anaerobic culture methods, uses of HLA typing, tantalization, complement fixation test, radio immunoassay, methyl red test, bacterial flagella, dark red microscope etc.


The paper is allotted with total marks of 70.


Paper is needed to be finished in 3 hours.

Recommended Books:

Microbial Ecology – Fundamentals and Application, Benjamin Cummings

Microbiology: Principles and Explorations, John Wiley

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